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January 21, 2021     Bath County News - Outlook
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January 21, 2021

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News Outlook January 21, 2021 11 COMMUNITY SENATIIII BIIIIIIIIBII STIIIIM'S lEflISlIITIIIE III’IIIITE Week 2 of the 2021 Legis- lative Session The Kentucky General Assembly is making the most of the 30-day legisla- tive session. In the first eight days back in Frank- fort, lawmakers have al- ready delivered seven bills to the governor’s desk. I am happy to report that we are moVing forward in deliberation, but with pur- pose. . The past ten months have been challenging for ~ all of us. Anxieties sur- rounding the COVID-19 pandemic have extended beyond just the dangerous health risk the virus poses to the vulnerable to indi- rect consequences affect- ing students, businesses, and mental health; side effects of government ac- tions. The passage of prior- ity House and Senate bills shows the legislature’s commitment to being a co-equal branch of govern- ment and ensuring the rep- resentative branch of state government has a seat at the table where life-altering decisions are considered. Senate Bill 1 (SB 1)— This bill better defines ex- ecutive authOrity during a state of emergency. It brings the representative branch of government to the table to be a voice for the communities its mem- bers represent. The bill will require legislative au- thorization before the gov- ernor can extend an execu- tive order beyond 30 days if the order places restric- tions on various public and private entities. The same requirement would exist for emergency executive orders. Similarly, it would require mutual agreement between the governor and the attorney general to suspend state statute dur— ing a state of emergency. Taking a less arbitrary and more targeted approach to addressing a state of emer- gency, SBl would allow 10- cal officials to request an extension of executive or— ders only for their area and only for the amount of time they ask. SB 2—For far too long, governors and their admin- istrations have been able to blur the lines between exec- utive and legislative branch authorities by making law through the use and abuse of the emergency regulato- ry process. SB 2 enhances this process’s legislative and public oversight by re- quiring an expedited public hearing and written com- ment period and allowing a legislative committee to review, amend, or find an emergency regulation de- ficient. House Bill (HB) 1 Pro- vides clarity and reas- surances amid a state of emergency for businesses, schools, parents, teachers, students, and religious in- stitutions that they may remain open and opera- tional if they follow a com- prehensive operating plan detailing how they plan to adhere to Centers for Dis- ease Control and Preven- tion (CDC) guidelines—or state guidelines—which- ever is least restrictive. Other bills that have reached the governor’s desk are two pro-er mea- sures. SB 9, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which the legislature v passed last year before the governor vetoed it, has been sent to him again. Un- fortunately, last year‘ s veto came after the legislative veto override period, and lawmakers could not over- ride it. The bill ensures that a baby born-alive in any cir- cumstance receives lifesav- ing care. v HB Z—Gives Kentucky’s Attorney General the au- thority to seek an injunc- tion and civil or criminal penalties for violations of statutes and administrative regulations guiding the practice of abortion. Cur- rent law only allows the Attorney General to take action if the Cabinet for Health and Family Servic- es secretary requests that he or she intervene. I and other General As- sembly members, who value the sanctity of hu- man life, are eager to over- ride any vetoes the gover- nor chooses to issue. Last week, Kentucky Right to Life held a pro-life rally alongside the attorney gen- eral and lawmakers restat- ing commitment to defend- ing these pro-life bills in the court system. Additional bills that made full passage this past week include HB 3, which establishes that challenges to the constitutionality of state statutes, executive orders, administrative regulations, or cabinet or- ders shall be filed in the county of the plaintiff’s residence. Currently, all suits filed against the state go through the Franklin Circuit Court and before a limited number of potential judges, essentially creating a “super circuit” V HB 5 would improve oversight of the reorga- nization of state boards. Governors have used these boards to fulfill political agendas and favors in the past In fact, over the last five administrations, there have been over 445 reorga- nizations of state agencies, cabinets, or boards. The bill would require execu- tive branch and board reor- ganizations to have a vote of the General Assembly and it refines gubernatorial authority when the legisla- ture is not in session. The Constitution of Ken-, tucky requires that the General Assembly adjourn following the first part of the session. Wednesday, January 13, was our final day before adjourning in compliance with that con- stitutional requirement. The legislature will recon- vene for the second part of the session on Tuesday, February 2. Before ad— journing, the House and Senate have each submit- ted their respective budget bill. With the two chambers not concurring on the bills, the next step in the process is for appointed members of each chamber to come together in a conference committee to finalize an agreement to be voted on and sent to the governor. Budget bills include HB 192, the executive branch' budget; HB 193, the trans- portation budget; HB 194, the legislative branch bud- get; and HB 195, the judi- cial branch budget. You can access each of these bills at legislature.ky.gov. I am in the process of scheduling various stops across the 21st District in the next few weeks. I am excited to interact with constituents. At this time, two are two “legislative cof- fee” events scheduled, and plans for stops in all other counties are in develop- ment A legislative coffee will take place in laurel County on Tuesday, January 19 from 8 am. to 9 am. at the London Community Center at 529 South Main Street in London. I am excited to have Senate Transporta- tion Committee Chairman, Senator Jimmy Higdon, join me. I want to thank the London-Laurel County Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this event. V Additionally, I will be visiting Jackson County on Thursday, January 28 start- ing at 8:30 am. in the up- stairs courtroom of the old Courthouse at 100 Main Street in McKee. I look forward to Visit- ing each county to provide an in-person update on the work my fellow lawmakers and I are doing in Frank- fort. Stay tuned to my leg- islative updates and your local newspaper for the an- nouncement of additional plans. , It is a true honor to rep- resent Laurel, Jackson, Estill, Powell, Menifee, and Bath Counties in the Kentucky State Senate. If you have any questions pertaining to these public policy issues or any other matter of importance to you, do not hesitate to con- tact my office toll-free by calling 502-564—8100. You can also email me at bran— don.storm@lrc.ky.gov. Stay safe. God bless. BATH DISTRICT COURT NEWS Bath District Court Jan. 12, 2021 Hon. Don Blair Zachary Bradshaw. Ar- raignment. 1. Criminal Trespass — 1st ‘Degree. Apt. Charles Landon, P N/ G, WFR, PC March 16, 292.1,..._....._,-_..-. . Derick Andrew Bran- ham. Arraignment 1. Public intoxication con— trolled substance. P/ G 90 days, P/S 2 years, NVL 2. Drug paraphernalia buy/ possess. P/G 12 months P/S 2 years. NVL Jail re- coup fee. 3. 1st degree possession of controlled substance/ heroin, lst of- fense. Dismiss on motion of County Attorney sus- tained. Commonwealth unable to meet its burden. Amended to 2nd degree. Jeremy Clark. Arraign- ment. 1. Operating on sus- pended/ revoked opera- tors license. PC March 30, 2021. 2. Failure to register transfer of motor vehicle. 3. Failure to produce insur- ance card. Amend to No insurance, 2nd. Kyle R. Clark. Arraign- ment 1. Public intoxication controlled substance. Dis- missed — deceased. Leslie J. Day. Arraign- ment. 1. No brake lights 2. No/expired registration plates 3 No/ expired regis- tration receipt 4. Failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insur- ance, lst 5. Operating on suspended/revoked 0p- Werators, licensegfi.“ Failure to notify address change to Dept. of Transportation. FI‘A CN April 13, 2021 Tiffany Michelle Fardo. Review. 1. Speeding 10 mph over limit. Respon- dent failed to enroll in traf- fic safety program. CN March 23, 2021. Heather Rachelle Har- din. Arraignment 1. No/ expired registration plates. 2. No/expired Kentucky registration receipt. 3. Failure to register trans- fers of motor vehicle. Title produced, dismissed. Steven R. Hardin. Con- tinued First Appearance. 1. Failure of owner to main- »tain required insurance/ security, 1st 2. Failure to register transfer of motor vehicle 3. License to be in possession. FI‘A CN March 30, 2021 John Richard Highley. Arraignment. 1. Failure of non—owner operator to ORDINANCE NO. 10-2020 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SHARPSBURG, KENTUCKY, PROHIB- ITING THE USE AND OPERATION OF OFF ROAD VEHICLES ON PUBLIC ROADS, CITY STREETS, AND CITY SIDEWALKS WITHIN THE CITY OF maintain required insur- ance, lst. 2. No/expired Kentucky registration re- ceipt. 3. No/expired regis- tration plates. CFA March 9,2021 Mark Miller. Arraign- ment. 1. Cultivate in mari- juana < 5 plants, 1st of- fense. P/G $500 fine. . Zachary Lee Ross. Ar- raignment 1. No/expired registration plates. 2. No/ expired Kentucky ‘regis— tration receipt. 3. Failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insur- ance, lst. FTA, issue DN. Matthew N. Spurlock. Review. 1. Strangulation lst Degree. 2. Assault, 4th Degree, Minor Inury. Reset April 13, 2021 to pro- vide proof, CN to defen- dant ‘ Kristina Rachelle Terry. Other hearing. 1. Failure to wear seat belts. 2. No/ expired Kentucky registra- tion receipt; 3. No/ expired registration plates. 4. Failure of OWner to main- tain required insurance/ security, 1st. Diversion reinstated. Respondent to contact pretrial. Jacqueline M. Brown. Arraignment. 1Assault, 2nd Degree Domestic violence. 2. Cultivate in marijuana < 5 plants — 1st offense. Bonded. Carl Clem. Arraign- ment 1. Assault, 4th De- gree, Dating violence. Appt Charles Landon. P N/G PC Jan. 19, 2021 Kennefll,, Allen Davis- Arraignment‘r 1. Assault, 4th Degree, Dating vio- lence. 2. Cultivate in mari- juana, <5 plants — lst of- fense. Bonded. Jeremy Henchon. Other hearing. 1. Flagrant non- support PH reset Jan. 19,2021. Donna G. Muncie. Ar- raignment 1. No/expired Kentucky registration. re- ceipt 2. No/expired Ken- tucky registration plates 3. Failure of owner to tain required insurance/ security, 1st 4. Failure to register transfer of motor vehicle 5. License to be in possession. 6. Operate MV‘ U/ Influence controlled substance — 1st 7. Posses— sion of marijuana. 8. Drug paraphernalia — buy/pos- sess. Bonded. Berth Lee Parker. Ar- raignment 1. Theft by un- lawful taking or disposition U/$500. Bonded. Phillip Ray Sexton. Ar- raignment 1. Operating motor vehicle U/ Influence alcohol .08, 1st Bonded. John W. Wells. Other hearing. 1. Assault, 4th Degree, Domestic Vio- lence, No visible injuriy. PRH Jan. 19, 2021.. mm Wayne Wells, . . 9th— er hearing, 1.» Carrying a concealed weapon 2. Pro- bation violation (for techni- cal offense). PRH Jan. 19, 2021 John Wayne Wells. Oth- er hearing. 1. Public in- toxication, controlled sub- stance. PC J an. 19, 2021 John Wayne Wells. Oth- "g'am/a you. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, for the calls and ones who stopped by. Thanks to family and friends who brought food and gifts and sent flowers. It was a great birthday! er hearing. 1. No/expired registration plates. 2. No/ expired Kentucky regis- tration receipt 3. Failure of owner to maintain re- quired insurance/ security, 2nd or greater 4. Failure to produce in- surance card. 5. Failure to notify address change to, Dept. ofTransportation. 6. No tail lamps 7. Probation violation (for technical vio- lation). PRH Jan. 19,2021. Thank you so much, Erma Jamison Advertisement for Alcohol License Notice Lisa Mann, dba, Clear Creek Market hereby declares its intention(s) to apply for a Limited Restaurant License, NQ Retail Malt Beverage Package License. NQ Retail Mall Beverage Drink Licenses and Quota Retail Pack- age License no later than January 22, 2021. The licensed premises will SHARPSBURG. WHEREAS, the City of Sharpsburg determines that use and operation of ATVs on roads, streets and sidewalks within the corporate limits of the City of Sharps- burg constitutes a hazard and danger to the citizens of Sharpsbur‘g; WHEREAS, KRS 189.515 grants the City of Sharpsburg authority to designate where such operation is permitted and/or prohibited; Now, THEREFORE, the City of Sharpsburg, Kentucky, HEREBY ORDAINS as follows: The use and/or operation of Off Road Vehicles, including but not limited to All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV), 4-wheelers, or dirt bikes on public roads, streets, or sidewalks within the City of Sharpsburg is prohibited. Violation of this Ordinance for a first offense shall be deemed a violation, and the offender shall be fined not more than $250. A second offense shall be deemed a Class B Misdemeanor. A third or subsequent Offense shall be deemed a Class A Misdemeanor. First Reading of this Ordinance was held on 5th day of December, 2020. Tonya L. Briscoe, City Clerk Second Reading of this Ordinance was held on 9th day of January, 2021 and upon roll call vote. was adopted by the Council of the City of Sharpsburg, Kentucky Tonya L. Briscoe, City Clerk 1, Dorothy Clemons, Mayor of the City of Sharpsburg, Kentucky, hereby accept and approve the Ordinance and direct same to be published, this 9th day of January, 2021. Do othy Clemons, Mayor \ Attest: Tonya L. Briscoe, City Clerk \ Published: 1-14-2021 Publication 1-21-2021, Date This advertisement was paid for by the City of Sharpsburg using tax dollars in the amount of $96. Published in the Bath County News-Outlook 01.14.21 and 01.21.21 Jessie Stewart, Sheriff of Bath County 2019 Tax Account Settlement An audit has been completed for the Sheriffof Bath County, Kentucky for the 2019 tax account for the tax period April 16, 2019, through May 15, 2020. A copy of the complete audit report, including financial statements and supple- mental information, is on file at the Sheriff ’5 office and is available for public inspection during normal business hours. Any Citizen may obtain a copy of the complete audit for his personal use at a charge of twenty-five cents ($.25) per page for duplication costs. A copy of the financial statement prepared in accordance with KRS 424.220 is available to the public at no cost at the Sheriffs’ office. This advertisement was paid for by the Bath County Sheriff ’5 office using tax dol- lars in the amount of $32. Published in the Bath County News—Outlook 01.21.21 Legal Notice Invitation to Bid The Menifee Comty Sheriffs Office is accepting bids for the following: A licensed realtor to oversee the auction of Menifee County Sheriffs Property (Crimewatch Building/Property) located at 76 Coleman Road. Wellington, KY 40316. The realtor will be responsible for all advertising and the sale of property. Bidders may contact the Menifee County Sheriffs Office for further infor- mation at 606-768-3875. Bids should be mailed to the Menifee County Fiscal Court, PO. Box 105, Frenchburg, KY 40322. Bids may also be dropped off at 12 Main Street. Frenchburg, KY 40322 (Menifee County Courthouse). Bids need to be sealed and marked on the front of the envelope. Bids to be turned in no later than Monday, January 25, 2021 at 1:00pm. Bids will be opened on Monday, January 25, 2021 at 1:00pm. Bid opening will be in the Judge Executive's Office located in the Courthouse. The Menifee Canty Sheriff's Office reserves the right to reject any or all bids. “This advertisement was paid for by the Menifee County Sheriff’s Oflice using taxpayer dollars in the amount of $32.” Published in the Menifee County News Outlook on 01. 1 01.21 of 2021 be located at 865 Clear Creek Rd., Salt Lick, KY 40371 doing business as Lisa Mann, dba, Cleark Creek Market. The owner is: Lisa Mann, 865 Clear Creek Road, Salt Lick, Kentucky 40371. Any person, association, corpora- tion. or body politic may protest the granting of the |icense_(s) by writing the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, 500 Mere Street 2NE33, Frank- fort, Kentucky, 40601, within thirty (30) days of the date of legal publication. Published in the Bath County News Outlook on 01.14 01.21 of 2021 Try one of our Country Platters Try one NEW Rotisserie Bites individual, in a basket or in a salad bowl Blizzard of the Month Brownie Dough Blizzard Don't forget to get you a COOL LARGE DRINK in ‘ our LARGE $1.00 Styrofoam Cup At Owingsville and both Morehead locations NOW HIRING