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February 18, 2021     Bath County News - Outlook
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February 18, 2021

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WW»! :2 mar... .. . i Wtfi'a can!“ ’1, di'...-‘;n-nc 9:... -v ‘— _1-x%'"1 n a-‘Wsrs «V. a. or us 5*:3‘m‘wh“ Q 21' at: v x‘ #3 6~;“"¢“‘Q“? stirrup-w. ,( g, ,. . 1r. .. ‘5“; me; .;¥. .1. 2.1,, dm‘.*ts:§sazi‘i‘rrias a. a as a!" 4 -February 18, 2021 News Outlook The opinion p 'gu.COMMUNWY age does not'reflect the views of the KyNewsGroup. Let’s R By Alton Norman OwingSville Church of Christ 5410 E. Hwy. 60 East, Owingsville 606-261-9263 eason Together- Truth and Lies! Much has been Said in recent months about ly- ing. People of both par- ties accuse the others of lying and tempers flare on both _sides. I am not writ- ing about politics and I don’t care which party you choose. I am writing about the concept of lying, For the last fifty years we have been taught truth is relative, that there is no absolute truth, and “your truth may not be my truth”. My question is' if this is true who can either party By Chris Bailey, Pastor A Owingsville Baptist Church Kings 2:1—12 tells of the last days of Elijah’s minis— try as prophet. From this narrative, we learn practi- cal truths for our lives. In the passage, Elijah, Elisha and all the other prophets were aware that God was at work. Multiple times Elisha wasasked if he realized God was about to take Elijah. Christians need to be aware that God MY BUCKET LIST . By Kathleen??er Do "you: have ‘a"'Btickét e ‘List; 4a~p1aceewnere you keep a mental list of things you'd like to do someday? Just be careful of the word "someday" because time has a way of slipping away, right through our fingers. Several years ago, when we were making plans to visit Hawaii, and reading all the brochures about what the Islands had to offer, I decided that other than seeing that beauti- ful tropical place, that I wanted more than any; thing to go down in the Pacific, behind a boat, and to swim withthe sharks! i The Post Frame Professionals” be guilty of lying? But we know that somebody is ly- ing. Therefore, truth 'must exist! Truth and lies stand next to each other: one goes east and the other goes west; one goes south and the other goes north. Truth and lies stand next to each other but they face opposite directions for they are diametrically opposed to each other. Truth is not determined by opinions or feelings; it is based on facts. . .unless you manufac- ture your facts — then your “truth” becomes a lie. It is a fact of history that Jesus Christ came into the world. He lived and worked among friends and in the presence of His en- emies. Reliable witnesses testify of His miracles, His death, burial, and resur- rection. All of this is re- corded in the pages of the Bible. These facts about Jesus were “written that you may believe that Je- sus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name” (John 20:30, 31). Roman historians mention Jesus in their writings. Plinius 'Secundus, gover— nor of Bithynia (112 AD) wrote Christian worship practices (Epistle to Pliny, 10:96). Cornelius Tacitus (115 AD) : “Greatest Roman Historian”: wrote about the death of Jesus in his Annals and Histories (15:44). And Josephus, a Jewish histo— rian also wrote concerning Jesus (Antiquities 18:3:3). “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son” (1 John 2:22). Thank you for reason- ing with me. . Message We Shared is always working toward“, fulfillment of his plan. We need to strive to see the work, understand it, and. get involved in it. As Elijah traveled hemp place to place, Elisha was committed to Elijah and refused to leave his side. When Christians see the work of God taking place, we need that same level of commitment. We do not ‘ want to step away from where God is at work. When Elijah arrived at ' his last destination, he VER T Can you believe that an old-girl fromfreuebburg, Kentucky‘woul‘dadneani of something screwild‘lrrn i Well, I dreamed it and I did it. One bright sun- shiny day; with. absolutely nothing in sight as far as the eye could see except water, water everywhere, I went down in a big cage into the ocean, behind a boat with sharks swim— rrring all around, grin- ning and smacking their mouths! .’ Once back in“ the boat, I marked that off my Buck- ét List real fast. 7Ifdbri't-ev—Vi er—want-to—do—that—againl Another thirrg_"I.marked off my Bucket List hap- Pole Barns - Garages 0 Horse Barns - Metal Roofs ' Concrete Flatwork can for a rnrr Quote . Wel—Bfl-fldfi-fldfls 5756 Wallingford Rd., Flemingsburg, KY www.mountainviewmetal.com Bath County Bath County News-Outlook( M.C. Investments d/b/a/ Bath County News-Outlook, , 71 Miller Dr., Owingsville, KY 40360 ' Members of the KentuckyErCssihsstiat'ion : A): .ei ‘ “ ' The International Society of Weekfiiwaspaper ors .N 2013 SUBSCRIPTION RATES $25.00 for year in Bath County, $3000 elsewhere in Kentucky and $35.00 out of state. Subcriptions include sales tax where applicable. 3. All subcri tions 3 able in advance. ' USPS‘04521601is pubushéd; every Thursday by. V». V $ ,. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Bath County . p; V' News Outlook, PO Box 577, OhdugsvillegKY ‘ ‘“ .' 3:14.; , «as; ’r‘ .' locked at Elisha and asked what he Wanted. It is very much like how Je- sus would ask the same to thoseywho approached him for healing. Christians need to have a clear under- standing of what it is they are seeking in their com- mitment to God. It is often far more demanding than they realize. ‘In the end, Elisha got to experience something amazing. He got a glimpse of the power of God at work. He got to be a part pened a few years back when I talked Harold into taking me frog gigging in Beaver Creek which runs behind our house. That was a mistake from the be- ginning. One of us carried the long handled three prong gig, while the other carried the coffee sack in which to carry the frogs back home. Which one of us do you think had to keep up with that squirm- ing coffee sack? That‘ Creek was noth- ing but dropoffs, snakes I .~ landlspiders!Never-again! ‘ He laughed for .days after that.“(I_'s_thI.faiI'to see the I have had fhu‘geBuck- ‘et List orertheyears, only ori’iib‘out Buth my of God’s eternal plan. When Christians take part in God’s work, we have an experience that is in some ways even greater. The Spirit moves in us. For Elisha, it was a pro foundly moving experi- ence that forever changed him and moved him to an even greater level of ser- vice to God. Christians should always seek a clos- er walk and a greater way of glorifying God. Are you ready to go to work? HE HIL Bucket has a hole in it. Things that I now know 1 will never do have slipped l‘aWay'J‘h‘dhi" me. ' When Cave Run Lake went in, I wanted to learn to Wa- ter ski. But that was fifty years ago! For years I wanted a house with a spiral stair- case in it. With my knees the way they are today, I'm glad there was a hole in my Bucket back then too! ' Do you have a Bucket List? A sensible one? If so, better hop to it! At the rate that time is slip- , slipping away, your bucket I Will be full of holes before you know it too! 1,: “au‘copple df-‘iivhicl'i I've told = NOTICE ghQCAL;,BQARD PUBLIC. HEARING The Menifee County Board of Education has scheduled a local Board publicvhearing onthe proposed District Facility Plan for Monday, February 22, 2021; at the Menifee Elementary Media Center at 5:30 p. m. The District FacilitysPlan liststhe pending capital construction and/or renovation projecls'that theschool district may undertake, and the priority ‘ Order. it applicablefthat projects will be initiated. Copies of the proposed District Facility Plani'are available for examination by interested individu- als at the Board office, 202 Back St., between 8:30 am. and 4:30 pm. . on February 15-22: 2021. Questions may be directed to Tim Spencer, Superintendent, at Central Ofiice. Those individuals who would like to comment on the proposed District Fa- cility Plan may present oral or written comments at the local Board public hearing. The local Board of Education, after due process. will fowvard the approved District Facility Plan to the Kentucky Department of Education for ‘ ultimate approval by the State Board of Education. The local Board public hearing is being scheduled in accordance with KRS 157.620, and regulated by 702 KAR 4:180. “This advertisement was paid for by the Menifee County School Board using taxpayer dollars in the amount of $56.” Published in the Menifee County News Outlook on 2.04, 2.11 2.18 of ‘ ’ 2021 ‘ WE ENCOURAGE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR i-Ba’th County NeWs-Outldok welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed arid incliidé u daytime‘Lphone number for confirmation. Unconfirmed ' r letters‘dnd unsigned letters will not be published. Phone numbers are not ’ 3i .5 a; is; , published. We reserye thgrightlto deny publication of letters and to edit letters v.15,“ '7 , forcontent. Thp‘deadline for letters to the editor is 5 pm. Friday. 7‘ is 3 Send letters to: . Editor, Bath County News-Outlook r I- , no. Box 577 , . r a; w; Owipgsville, KY40360 Letteigs may alsoybee-rnafled téz. cecil@kynewsgroup.com ’V ‘l-onvever, if érmail is fused, the sender'should call 606-674-9994 to confirm ‘ Q; 1; r thaflhe'letterwasreceived. . I _ How i‘oR’E'ACH us Mailing address: P.O. Box 577, Owingsville, KY 40360 Phone: 606-674-9994} Fax: 859-289-4000 '3 ' For news email: cecil@kynewsgroup.com For advertising‘email: petrea@kynewsgroup.com 3 " hurch Services Directory Abounding Grace Oakla First Church of God Assembly of God 215 Old Oakley Road, Owingsville 91 Banker St., Owingsville Randy Hawkins Wes Crouch, Pastor Olympia Church of God 5583 East Hwy. 36, Olympia Billy Hunt, Pastor Aguas Tranquilas Centro de Adoracion/ Still Waters Worship Center 177 Jackson Cemetary Road, Old Springfield Church Owingsville 3569 Springfield Rd. Keith Willoughby Pastor Bro. Roy Stacy Services are 3:00PM on Sunday Bath County First Apostolic Church 1226 McCarty Branch Rd Salt Lick, Ky. 40361 Pastor Daniel Flanery Owingsville Baptist Church 92 Coyle Street, Owingsville Chris Bailey, Minister Owingsville Church of Christ Bailey’s Chapel 5410 Highway 60 East Christian Church Alton Norman, Minister 2429 Water-Dell Road, Owingsville Owingsville First Christian Church 11 East Main St., Owingsville Sean Bailey, Minister Ryan Utterback, Minister Bethel Christian Church 518 Bethe] Ridge Road, Bethel Rev. Richard Anderson Owingsville First Church of God 320 Slate Ave., Owingsville Lowell Rice, Minister Bethe] Methodist Church 142 Bethel School Lane, Bethe] Owingsville United Methodist Church 75 West Main St., Owingsville Blevins Valley Daniel Burch, Pastor Christian Church 1418 Blevins Valley Road, Pebble Church of God Owingsville (Cleveland Assembly) Russell Ingram, Minister 4857 Oakley Pebble Road, Owingsville Church of Jesus Christ Franklin Rose, Pastor of Latter Day Saints , Hwy. 36, Owingsville Peeled 011k Christian Church Bishop Jason Purdy 2592 Howard Mill/Peeled Oak Road, Owingsville City of Refuge Bill Teegarden, Minister Full Gospel Church 39 Sour Spring Road, Polksville Church of God Olympia 6275 East Hwy. 60, Salt Lick Mike Munday, Minister Ralph White, Minister Preston First Church of God 7184 Preston Rd, Owingsville Terry Frerichs, Pastor Reynoldsville Christian Church Cornerstone Baptist Church 36 Cherry Lane, Salt Lick Jayson Minix, Minister East Fork Church of God 943 East Fork Road, Sharpsburg 4428 Eat“ FokkRoad’ Doug Routt, Pastor Owrngsvrlle Billy Hamm’ Minister Salt Lick Christian Church 109 Church Street, Salt Lick mm” “mm” Chm" Calvin Lindell, Minister 3064 South Hwy. 11, Sharpsburg Morgan Gilty, Minister Salt Lick First Church of God 412 Main Street, Salt Lick Vernon Lambert, Minister Grace Gospel Church 767 Main Street, Sharpsburg . . . tLtck Dr‘ Andy Wyant’ Munster Free Will Baptist Church > 6367 US 60 East , Salt Lick Grace Gospel Tabernacle I And-y Lands Pastor 91 Wyoming Road, Owingsville Steve Meadows, Minister St. Julie s Catholic Church 77 East Main Street, Owingsville Father Arturo Molina Greater First Baptist Church Bin Grimes, Deacon 247 Montgomery St., Sharpsburg Tony L. Weathers, Pastor Sharpsburg Baptist Church 575 Main Street, Sharpsburg Hedrick Community Church Shane Henry’ PaStor 5308 Old Sand Road, Salt Lick Randall Jackson, Minister Sharpsburg Christian Church 241 Main Street, Sharpsburg Johnny Baber, Minister git Sharpsburg Worship Center 3072 '12 dau S . 468 Main Street, Sharpsburg ell . pmgs’ Paula Smith, Pastor Owrngsvrlle Jason Leber’ Minister Slate Valley Christian Church 2563 Wyoming Road, Owingsville Lakeview Gregg Whitt, Minister Church 581 Cave Run Lake Rd., Salt Lick Rev. Eddie Dennison, Pastor Stulltown Community Church 10219 Stulltown Road, Preston Les Ingram, Minister Midland First Church of God 11479 Easy Hwy. 60, Salt Sugar Grove Lick Christian Church Bush Stevenson Pastor 3841 N. Stepstone Road, ’ s Owingsville Feny ~ Franch Nash, Mrnrster Christian Church 2396 Moore’s Ferry Rd., Salt Lick Dennis Carman, Minister Tunnel Hill Church of God 1215 W. Tunnel Hill Road, Owingsville Sherman Sparks, Minister Morning Star Baptist Church 161 Harrisburg Ave., Owingsville Eric King, Minister _ Upper Salt Lick Church of Christ 5385 South Hwy. 211, Salt Lick Rezda McNabb, Minister Mud Lick Church of God . Victory Chapel 9067 East Hwy‘ 36’ Qlymp 1a 6927 Veterans Memorial Highway, Mark Caldwell, Minister Sharpsburg New Kevrn Miles, Pastor 907 Forge H11} Road’ White Oak Christian Church Owrngsvrlle 2606 White Oak Road, Owingsville Jaime Smmp’ Munster Ron Weaver, Minister Northside Church of God 1086 West Hwy. 36, Owingsville Kenny Crouch, Minister Young’s Valley Community Church of God 3559 S. Hwy. 211, Salt Lick‘ Vernon Gross, Pastor DEADLINES: Editorial copy deadline is 5 pm. Friday. Advertising copy with proof deadline 5 pm. Friday, advertising copy without proof, 10 am. Friday. Classified advertising deadline 10 am. Tuesday. PHOTOS/ELECTRONIC ADVERTISING: Color, black and white and digital photos are all accepted. 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