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February 21, 2002     Bath County News - Outlook
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February 21, 2002

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%1 : Repairing markers---Dustin Brewer and Justin Harmon, used adhesive to repair a broken marker that had come loose from its base last Saturday as part of a Boy Scout project Brewer is completing tasks for his Eagle Scout rank and got help from other Scouts in Troop 222 The Scouts made repairs at the Owingsville Cemetery under the supervision of their Scoutmasters (News- Outlook photo, Ken Metz) BCMS has multiple sets of twins,who share experiences . --from front page ofl the famous "switch." "One year we got tired of classes and switched for a day," says Jo giggling. "No one knew!" The two both have their own horses they ride and care for at their house--a pastime they both love. Though they contrast one anoth- er, the two both say they share a unique bond. Sue says one day Jo fell out of a tree and cut her foot on a piece of glass. The girls' mother took tier to the hospital while Sue and their two brothers waited at home. While Jo was still gone, Sue says she began to experience an uncomfortable tin- gling in her foot. Soon after the tingling began, her mother called to update the family and told them the doctor had given Jo stitches. "1 couldn't believe it, I was shocked," Sue says. Kadey and Codey Armitage Kadey and Codey, 12, are in the 7th-grade, and are a lot alike. Both are friendly; Kadey smiles a lot. When asked to describe his sis- ter, the first word Codey uses is "cool." "We're kinda alike, we stick to- gether-she's my best friend," says Codey. "I'm 45 seconds older, but she acts older." "I take care of him, but he takes care of me," says Kadey with a smile, "I walked before he did," says Kadey. "Morn said I'd hit him and then take off running and he'd crawl after me." Codey says they argue over who gets in the shower first in the morn- ing and also over who gets dish duty. They both are good students. Kadey beat out Codey for home- room president by three votes this year. The both play sports, like the same movies and share the same friends. They also like to hang out with other twins because they feel they automatically have things in com- mon with them, especially boy/girl sets. "I like being a twin," says Kadey, "it's so cool." Thera and Gary Nelson Don't let Thera and Gary's initial quietness fool you, the 12-year-old 7th-graders are both quite silly un- derneath. Gary is a minute older, but Thera has him beat in height. "She's always been taller than me," says Gary. "We're both good at sports--but I'm better." "Sometimes we think the same things," says Thera looking at Gary. "We even say the same things." Them and Gary erupt into laugh- ter as they share a story about a photo their grandmother took of them when they were little of the two of them sitting on the toilet together. "We had to go to the bathroom at the same time!" says Thera shrug- ging. Both are together a lot and say they like being twins, but they do have their fair share of arguments-- over the computer and television. Gary also gets frustrated at Thera borrowing his sweaters and stealing his socks. Gary shakes his head and says, "You probably have mine on to- Brakes Tires Etc. O For a hmitBd time, when you buy a now DISH Network salellita "IV sYStem valued at $tfl0 ot higher, you'll get a second DISH Network mceiver FREEr And now, gat 3 monUs" of any Qualilng rogramrning package and local channels {where avadabteJ FREEwhan you comma to 12 consecutw months, Continent&l S&tellite J. 235 Clearfork Rd., Morehead, KY 40351 "  I 606-784.4317. Don and Nancy Brown ,I,L. DtS l.a Maul or DISH lalb Des . 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Michelle laughs like it's the fun- niest thing she's ever heard, "No, she's just nicer than I am." Danielle says her sister is "really, really talkative," funny, bossy and smart. Michelle says Danielle is "'very, very funny" and smart. They both like sports and are tom- boyish. Though they fight at times, they say they tell each other every- thing. "We're best friends," says Mich- elle. "No we're not," says Danielle laughing. Danielle admits that she can't sleep without Michelle. She says when they moved from the room they shared, into separate ones, they both had trouble and always wound up back in the same bed. According to them, Michelle is the scaredy cat and Danielle is the brave one. "I have a story!" says Michelle out of the blue and excitedly. Danielle insists Michelle tell her first and after whispering in her sis- ter's ear across the table, Danielle says, "No! Let me tell it." The story, conceruing a sisterly spat, ending in a ripped off bathing suit, can hardly be heard over each of their fight to tell it their way and the loud laughter. Brittany and Bethany Stull Brittany and Bethany, 13, 7th- grade, look identical. But they insist their personalities are different. Brittany, who is one minute old- er, is sweet, quiet and the more intro- verted one, according to Bethany. "Bethany is a big nut," says Brit- tany. "She's more outgoing, more outward and talkative." They're a lot alike though, in their tastes in movies, food and clothes. They also clog together and play soccer. They wear matching "B" necklaces. "We're together a lot--all the time," says Bethany. Both say they don't fight very much with each other, but when they argue with their older sister, it's nice because they're two against one. Lynsie and Lacey Rhoton Eighth-graders Lynsie and Lacey are 15 and are as different as can be in both looks and persOnality. Lacey, who is older by five min- utes, has long hair, likes pastel col- ors and soft and classical music. Lynsie has short hair, likes black and listens to heavy metal music. "Lacey is well-calculated, not spontaneous, sweet and smart," says Lynsie. Lacey says about Lynsie, "she's very bossy, a leader, outgoing, very social and a comedian!" They both agree that being twins is neat, but Lacey says they hate "dumb twin questions from dumb I I Cemetery maintenance---Boy Scouts are known for their good deeds and last Saturday was no exception. Members of Boy Scout Troop 222 filled in holes and cleaned and repaired mark- ers in the Owingsville Cemetery. These Scouts helped Dustin Brewer who was completed is Eagle people," such as: 'how can you tell yourself apart?' or 'how does it feel to be a twin?' "Being a twin is all we know, we don't know how it is being anything else," says Lacey. Both are smart, articulate and opinionated, and enjoy sports. They too, even each other out, what one lacks, the other has. Lacey is the peacemaker when Lynsie's temper flares and Lynsie is more aggressive when Lacey is passive. "Lynsie is my best friend, but we need our time apart," says Lacey. They say they have a unique in- tuition about the other they can't explain. They can tell when the oth- er is hurt even if they're apart, and they ge hungry at the same time and say things in unison a lot. Lynsie says someone once told them they were psychic. They recognize their similarities and enjoy them, but they also cele- brate their contrasts. "Being unique is something we pride ourselves in," says Lacey. Editor's note: The eighth set of BCMS twins, seventh graders Jonathan and Joseph King, were not in school on Thursday, Febru- ary 14, at the time of the interview. Recovery of firearms leads to KSP investigation The Kentucky State Police have recovered two weapons in Bath County and need your help identify- ing them. II I POLLITTS HEATING & COOLING 11924 Hillsboro Rd. Hillsboro, KY Service Repair Installation project. Among those who helped Harmon, Shelby Hardin, R T. Mooney, Joey Ritchie, Tyler Riddell, i Shawn Brewer, Bobby Riddell, Cleopas Roberson Jr., and Highley (News-Outlook photo, Ken *FreeEstimatesi .1 D nny Pollitt, Owner 1606) 876-3094 ,,"  HVAC License #M01920 The first is a Ruger Semi-Auto- matic rifle with a scope. The other is a Western Auto pump shotgun. If you have had either of these weap- ons stolen from you in the last year, contact the Kentucky State Police at 606-784-4127. Two accidents take place on KY 11 near Sharpsburg Feb. 14 I --from front page I Plank hit the 1992 Mercury Sable, driven by Judy Bussel, 26, Sharps- burg. Bussel, who was driving a northbound on KY 11, and sent her car crashing into a parked car. Bussel's four-year-old son was with her. The EMS also responded to the accident. There were no injuries. Bussel's vehicle sustained moderate damage. The second accident occurred on Ramey Road when a parked car came out of gear, rolled out of a driveway, across the street and into a residence, according to Bath County Sheriff Deputy Brad Weaver. Though there was significant dam- age to the front porch and house, no one was injured. Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Semi j on 1-64 Owing --from front other truck. The truck was officers 1 Department, Bath Department and lice, until a day evening. No other vehicles The Bath is read Bath That's why .: advertising this Call of Mason County Lonnie674.2734Vice '-. : "SINCE 1879" No Deductible: :ire & Extended Coverage Homes Mobile Churches Commercial Buildings Fa#n Livestock Dwelling Theft Vandalism Liability 1718 U.S. 68 South (located next to Maysville, KY 41056 Sun, 9a, m.-7 ' ' Water Str6)?lnglle, KY 40360 See Our Expanded Ad, which will be delivered in the mail. 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