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March 1, 2012     Bath County News - Outlook
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March 1, 2012

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6 - March 1, 2012 News Outlook Your Hometown Newspaper Heaven Is A Lot Like Kentucky By Charles Mattox Hb0000ER Letters to Editor Don't you dare look out your window darling Everything's on fire The war outside our door keeps raging on Hold onto this lullaby Even when music's gone Gone lust close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and Hl be safe and sound. Excerpted from the song, "Safe and Sound', written at the end of 2011 by Taylor Swift, T Bone Burnett; and Joy Williams and John Paul White, of the musical group 'The Civil Warsk The song is featured on the soundtrack of the forthcoming movie "The Hunger Games." 'Tou don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope." Suzanne Collins, author of the book "The Hunger Games" I just re-read the post- apocalyptic novel, 'qhe Hunger Games" and its sequel "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games will be released as a major mo- tion picture near the end of March and I'm betting all my marbles it will make a memorable impact on the entertainment indus- try for several months to come. I won't spoil the story for you but here's a quick plot summary: Katniss Everdeen is a 16-year-old girl growing up in District 12 in the future, in a nation called Panem, a 12-district country which is located in what was once North America. A technologically ad- vanced metropolis called The Capitol, governs Panem with an iron fist over all the 12 districts. The Hunger Games are an annual event; punish- ment from a previous re- bellion, in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 dis- tricts surrounding the Edi00:oria/ I I Capitol are selected by lot- tery to compete in a tele- vised battle in which only one person can survive. Katniss volunteers to take her younger sister's Prim's place in the Games after her name is drawn during the lottery, or The Reaping, as it is called. Throughout the story we learn more about Dis- trict 12 and that is located in a place once known as Appalachia, and its prima- ry function is to mine coal for The Capital. The coal mines are very deep and called The Seam, and I imagine in our world Katniss would be a Ken- tucky girl. The story plays heavily on human emotion under stress, survivability, loyal- ty and defiance under the yoke of oppression. It is also a story about how the past effects the present and the future. I've been researching heavily from the Drap- er Manuscripts and as I found myself being drawn into the story of The Hun- ger Games, I was remind- ed that the United States and even the communi- ties across Kentucky were once viewed by the British as subjective colonies to be used for benefit of The Crown. During the Revolution- ary War, Kentucky fron- tiersman, Daniel Boone, lost his brother, Edward (Oct. 1780) and his son, Israel (August 1782). Brit- ish allied Native American Shawnee and Cherokee warriors kiUed his son, James, prior to the Revo- lutionary War (Oct. 1773). Even in the face of stag- gering loss, Boone perse- vered and pushed onward and westward in pursuit of the American Dream. However Daniel Boone was considered a Loyal- ist by many Kentuckians during the Revolutionary War and it is knoXvn that he carried his British Of_ ficer's Commission on his person during the war. The point has been ar- gued by historians for years and Boone's court martial, which questioned his .loyalty to the United States, was held but result- ed in complete acquittal of all charges against Boone. But,a serious historian cannot overlook the fact that later in his life Boone not only moved from his beloved Kentucky, but al- so literally moved out- side of the boundaries of the United States in 1799; when he moved into then Spanish held territory, which would later became Missouri. Boone's defiance to- ward Great Britain dur- ing the Revolutionary War, and later toward The United States, is as deeply rooted in the foundations of our freedom as those of any former or current Kentuckian. Boone often travelled along the Ancient Native AmericanTrails in North- eastern Kentucky. He ob- served the Native Amer- ican symbols marked on special trees along the trail and was known to even carve his name on trees across Kentucky. Deer figured promi- nently among the symbols carved and painted along the ancient trails and con- nected the ancient past of Kentucky with Boone and his dream for a better to- morrow. Symbolic wildlife imag- es are as old as the hills and are deeply rooted in our past, present, and no doubt, our future. We embrace the image of the American Bald Ea- gle as thatof"our own". A Mockinay bird (Ge- netically altered mocking bird hybrid) comes to rep- resent the symbol of deft- ante, hope and freedom, with Katniss as she battles for her life and her human- ity in The Hunger Games. The Mockingjay is also the name of the third book in the Hunger Games tril- ogy. Truth is stranger than fiction. Art imitates life and life imitates art. As the Capitol officials say in the Hunger Games "May the odds be forever in you favor" Dear Reader. We would like take this time to send our heartfelt thanks to Gary Hunt and the Owingsville City Coun- cil. Mr. Hunt asked us to attend the council meet- ing to discuss our Preston Neighborhood Watch. It was certainly our pleasure to be invited to the meet- ing. We were not expect- ing any kind of recogni- tion. To our great surprise, Mr. Hunt and the coun- cil members presented us with a check for 8250.00. This gift is a real start for our neighborhood watch. Mr. Hunt had read our sto- ry, and he knew we were working on zero dollars. He and the members had read that we were trying to raise money for a "reward fund." A few months ago, none of us knew wheth- er the project could even get off the ground, much less have at least 80 mem- '. bers, and such caring peo- ple to donate to our group. Again, Mr. Gary Hunt, and the Owingsville City Coun- cil Members, your gift is an affirmation of the kind- ness and humanity that still exists in the world. We thank you so much! Sincerely, Mike and Jodie Ratliff Contact Liaisons for "Preston Area Neigh- borhood Watch Group" Bath County Courtroom 1 Hon. Don Blair Debbie Little. HEAR- ING. Admin appt. Surety waive. Bond set $500. Par- ties appeared & no objec- tions to appt Estate of Frances N Laux. MH. Motion sus- tained. Order entered Estate of Darwin Layne Rogers. MH. Motion sus- tained. Order entered Capital One Bank (USA), NA VS Roger L Be- craft. MH. Def FTA. Mo- tion sustained. Judgment entered Security Credit Servic- es, LLC VS Peggy Blair. MH. Def FFA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS Kimberly Bussell. MH. Def FTA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS Brenda Corey. MH. Def FlA. Motion sus- ][))i00st]r]i(ct Cou]r00t tained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS Kerry CrandaU. MH. Def FlA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS James Donahue. MH. Def wife appeared. Def granted additional 20 days to file answer. Motion de- nied Portfolio America Asset, VS Et A1 Charles Donald. MH. Name amend to Don- aid Charles, Motion sus- tained. Judgment to be ten- dered. Mr. Donald Charles appeared when not served w/complaint Capital One Bank (U.S.A.), NA. VS Eddie Fields, Et Al. MH. EA Kim Price ad. Cont 6/19/12 at 9:00am Atlantic Credit VS Gregor Fox. MH. Def FlA. Motion sustained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS Gina Goodpaster. MH. FARMERS HOME MUTUAL INSURANCE OF FLEMING COUNTY "Since 1875" 108 Court Square, Flemingsburg. 606-674-2237 FIRE, WIND, LIGHTNING, PERSONALAND FARM LIABILITY, MOBILE HOME INSURANCE Charles 'Bud" Hunt, Bath County Directory We Offer a Full line of Post Frame Building Sup }lies Metal Roofs ,Concrete Flatwork ALSO SEE US FOR ENTRY, PATIO, & STORM DOORS!!! AS WELL AS VINYL SIDIN6 & MWTAL ROOVS 606-845-8400 1-800-737-0456 | I 5 miles E of Flemingsburg, KY on 559, www,mountainviewmetalcenter, con N Bath County  Jl / eWS-OUtI00K Bath County News-Outlook (USPS 045260) is published every Thursday by M.C. Investments d/b/a/Bath County News-Outlook, 81-A Water St., Owingsville, KY 40360 Periodicals Postage Rates are paid at Owingsville, KY 40360 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Bath County News-Outlook, PO Box 577, Owingsville, KY 40360 Members of the Kentucky Press Association The International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors 2011 SUBSCRIFnON RATES: $7,$.00 for yr ia Ba County, $30.00ebewhert in Kentucky ud $.e0 out of state. Sublcriptions Jar, lade sales tax where applicable. AE subriptions payable in advance, Def FTA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Capital One Bank (USA), NA, VS Robert A Goodpas- ter. MH. Def FlA. Motion sustained. Judgment en- tered Credit Acceptance Cor- poration VS Kimberly Gose. MH. Def FlA. Mo- tion sustained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS Carolyn Hamm. MH. Def FTA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Discover Bannk VS Levi Helton. MH. Def FTA. Mo- tion sustained. Judgment entered Asset Acceptance LLC, VS Lapaula Lyons. MH. Debt acknowledged. Mo- tion sustained. Judgment entered DH Capital Manage- ment, INC.. VS Terry L Moore.'MH. Def FlA. Mo- tion sustained. Judgment entered Midland Funding LLC, VS David Purvis. MH. Debt acknowledged. Mo- tion sustained. Judgment entered FIA Card Services, NA, VS Patricia A Roberts. MH. Motion to set aside- sustained. Judgment en- tered Livingston Financial LLC, VS Judgment entered Livingston Financial LLC, VS Riley E Smith. MH. Def FlA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Blackacre Enterpris- es LLC, VS Mike Stigal. MH. Def FTA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Portfolio American As- set VS Jeff Taulbee. MH. Def FlA. Motion sus- tained. Judgment entered Emerson L Coniey. ARK 1 No/Expired registra- tion plates. Reset 3/27/12 at 9am. 2 No/Expired Kentucky registration re- ceipt. CN to Def. 3 Fail- Low CD rates? toWoodmen d World.  co'tdeme in bk Earn  immm rates e,.00t from00 cam.'y of m ramies f.tll  to find cyJl w iformlti II  I Field Representative II  I Phone859-473-0414 ure of non-owner operator to maintain req insurance, 1st. 4 Failure to notify ad- dress change to Dept of Transp Juanita Renee Ferguson. ARR. 1 Drug parapherna- lia-buy/possess. P/G. Se: 12mos. To serve 30 days, bal P/S 2yrs James Ryan Fitzpat- rick. ARR. 1 *OBS* no in- surance-lst offense. Proof produced. Valid at time of stop. Dismiss per lo- cal rule. 2 Failure to regis- ter transfer of motor vehi- cle. CFA 4/17/12 at 9am. 3 No/Expired registra- tion plates. 4 License to be in possession. Proof pro- duced. Dismiss per local rule Timothy S Goldy. ARK 1 Failure to wear seat belts. FTA. CN 3/12/12 at 9am. 2 Booster seat violations. Def FTA Tyler J Howard. ARR. 1 Speed 26MPH or over (limited access). P/G. $100 fine. 2 Reckless driv- ing. P/G. S'IS. 3 Failure to wear seat belts. Dismiss w/warning. 4 License to be in possession. CFA 3/27/12 at 9am. 5 Failure to produce insurance card. CFA 3/27/12 at 9am Jason P Hutchison. ARR. 1 Speeding 10MPH over limit. P/G. $20 fine. 2 Failure to notify address change to Dept of Transp. Proof produced. Dismiss per local rule Michaela S Marquez. ARR. 1 License to be in possession. Reset 3/27/12 at 9am. 2 Failure to pro- duce insurance card. Send CN 0040untalnVlew c,m00au00 Cl0sedSun, WE ENCOURAGE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Bath County News-Outlook welcomes letters to the editor Letters must be signed and include a daytime phone number for confirmation. Unconfirmed letters and unsigned letters will not be published. Phone numbers are not published. We reserve the right to deny publication of letters and to edit letters for content. The deadline for letters to the editor is 5 p.m. Friday. Send letters to: Editor, Bath County News-Outlook P.O. 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