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April 4, 2013     Bath County News - Outlook
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April 4, 2013

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i 2 - April 04, 2013 i .! Your Homctown Newspaper News Outlook Heaven Is A Lot Like By Charles Mattox Hogs are troublesome creatures. I found that out early in life. Though the expres- sion "dumber than a hog:' was frequently tossed around back in the day I begrudgingly observed that swine are. actually intelligent ani- mals, capable of com- plex social behavior. I'm certain they used to plot my demise many years ago along the oth- erwise peaceful fields of Martha Mills. Some of the longest and most miserable hours of my youth were spent chasing hogs and trying to herd them back in their pens from T .ICI which they'd made their valiant escapes. In all of my glorious hog chases I can't re- call a hog ever once go- ing back into their pen through the same hole from which they had escaped. There's some singularly unc fled in that, thou~ dad also said, "it character." The worst men ories of those sad abuses were in the old woden loading chute Up/next They will walk right to Grandpa's barn. The up to the hole in the hog would walk iup to fence, but will then the end of the lqading turn around facing chute, look ove~ into away from the opening,the bed of the tru~k, fig- "Don't take all day!'' ure out they fixing my father would typi- cally shout to me as if by some theatrical slight of hand I could magically turn the hog back around and cram it through the hole. Even Jedi Masters armed with tobacco sticks instead of light, sabers could do no more than cringe 'in agony as I did, knowing that no hog will ever, ever vol- untarily return to the confines of the pre-des- ignated hog lot on its own will. In those many pig- jail-break and swine recapitulation adven- tures, I was frequently trampled. to take a one-w~ay trip and then promptly turn around, hit lo v gear and let the ~ample- party commence. "You wanna go cry in the truck or you wanna load that pig son~etime this week?" Dad -,uld inevitably ask. L: He was very support- ive with the pep talk that way. Finally one day, after my brother John and I, had both been pushed to our limit, he seized the moment and said, ' You know, there's a trick to everything." He climbed into the loading chute with a five gallon bucket. ihing"Watch this," he said [igni- and shushed the pig ;h asback up the loading uildschute. Mr. Pig got to the top of the chute, looked over into the truck, fig- ured he still wasn't in any mood to ride to the stockyards or slaugh- terhouse and thus slowly but deliberately turned around and started back down the chute toward dad. The pig had barely got a step in when dad thrust the open end of five-gallon bucket for- ward, covering the pig's face. The pig squealed and started back ped- dling, until it had back stepped right off the loading chute and into the truck. "Easy as pie, boys," he said while adding his mock, Three-Stoog- es-laugh of "nyuck- nyuck-nyuck' as a part- ing insult, leaving us standing there, smell- ing of pig manure and sweat, while we con- templated the overall unfairness of the world. I became a pig's worst nightmare shortly after that. My frst love was a five-gallon bucket. "There's a trick to ev- erything," indeed, and sometimes a success- ful venture toward any goal is simply a mat- ter of learning :these various "tricks." You get a few these tucked away, next thing you know you've got a bag of tricks: It's been a while since I've had to chase any pigs, though I do still keep a few extra five- gallon buckets around, just in case. Even Gallagher The Comedian could make French Fries by hit- ting a potato with his Sledge-O-Matic. "The trick is, you've got to hit that tater just right," he would say. Knowing the tricks of any trade has its ad- vantages and I believe there are tricks to ev- ery trade. Knowing the tricks of the trade makes for a more harmonious out- come in any venture. I was thinking about that the other day, re- garding the ever-elu- sive subject of "justice." Most of the profes- sionals in the field of justice have their own bag of tricks. I've: never known of any shortage of any "lawyer tricks," during my experience of cover- ing local court news and covering a wide variety of crime stories, but all things considered, I believe the trick to jus- tice is about as easy as slipping a bucket over a hog's head. You just go about justice the same way, every time: no double standard. Because when you implement a double standard, you don't have justice. You have injustice. Most folks can spot the difference pretty easily. Such are the thoughts of an accomplished pig- chaser early on Easter Sunday morning. , By Cecil Lawson In wildness is the preservation .of the world - Henry David Tho- reau, "Walking" I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will SAVAGE PLACES I hate to trespass. I've never understood this wish to develop. I've watched through- out my own forty plus years as the surround- ing woods and country- side have had to yield to more real estate development. I often shook my head in sad- ness, but I have given up doing that. I know that one day, maybe in my own life- time, most of the trees will be gone, and parts blame people for want- ing to share in this gor- geous landscape, in its beauty and immensity. But it is a different experience for those of us who live here year- round versus those who visit as tourists or who enjoy it only occasion- ally. It is a sad story of loss for those who grew up here and who have watched the wild places pushed away. My own restless heart retreats with the of Bath County,_.will flderness. I;find my- look like a crazy quilt~ . eff:drhwui 6:i:b/ gher, drop frozen dead from pattern of unplanned more ifiaccessible plac- a bough ...................... ubdivisions, ........................... es; where neitl r b k- Without ever having felt sorry for itself. - D. H. Lawrence Despite the ever- present urge to cut down all the trees, level every hill and rise, and build rows and rows of houses across our fair region, there remain wild places amongst us. It's funny paradox that people from out of state continue to move to this region, from Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, in order to enjoy "the country," and yet, in the pro- cess, end of pushing the wild places further and further away. It also makes them harder to reach for a walking soul like myself. You know how much I've seen the same thing happen in Me- nifee County over the years as well. The Lawson family cem- etery in the Big Woods area is smack dab in the middle of "cabin country," where there has been, for lack of a better word, a glut of weekend and sum- mer cabins seemingly tacked up overnight across the Cave Run Lake area. I can't blame people for wanting to live here, but it alters the land- scape and the experi- ence of living here. The reach of ATVs and horseback riders also pushes some of this development fur- ther and further into the woods and hills. Once again, I can't hoe, nor ATV, nor four wheel drive can tread. I've visited Knobs Lick twice this year, and this past weekend, when I had a few min- utes, I visited Broke Leg Falls. In case you're not aware, Broke Leg Falls is a gorgeous natu- ral wonder in Menifee County just of Hwy. 460 near the Morgan County line that in- cludes a fall and a mas- sive, rocky canyon rem- iniscent of the Grand Canyon. During the March 2 tornado, most of the trees and recently constructed camp- ing grounds were de- stroyed. Broke Leg YARD SALE AND HAM AND BEAN DINNER April 6, 2013 Bailey's Chapel Christian Church, 2429 Water Dell Road Yard Sale: 8 am-5 pm Dinner: 11 am-5 pm Furniture Clothing all sizes for men, women, and chil- dren Ceramic Dolls Knick Knacks And more CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE 1-877-845-8408 Falls was forever al- tered. Some of the walkways have been salvaged, and the falls is once again acces- sible, but it no longer looks the same. As I stood there under the ledge over which the falls flow, looking out into the canyon surrounding Broke Leg Creek as it flows east- ward, it dawned on me that this has probably happened before. At some time long in the past, before white set- tlers:~ came here,, per(-' haps before even Na- tive Americans roame~ this region, some natu- ral disaster could have leveled the trees and altered the landscape. But a few hundred years later, it took on a life of its own again. Life went on. Savage places pre- serve this time of na- ture and long-term nat- ural processes. It's not human time, it's not in- terested in meeting our expectations. It doesn't respect the language of the chainsaw or the skidder. Those trees will re- turn, long after we're gone from this earth. Of that I have doubt. Golden Rule Vinyl Fair Housing Resolution LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL PERSONS OF the City of Sharpsburg that dis- cfimination in the sale, rental, leasing, financing of housing or land to be used for construction of housing or in the provision of brokerage services because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin is prohibited by Title VIII of the 1968 Civil Rights Act (Federal Fair Housing Law). It is the policy of the City of Sharpsburg to implement programs to ensure equal opportunity in housing for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 expands coverage to include disabled persons and families with children. Therefore, the City of - Sharpsburg does hereby pass the following Resolution. BE IT RESOLVED that within available resources the City of Sharpsburg will assist all persons who feel they have been discriminated against because of race, color, ~eligion, sex, national origin, disability, or familial status to seek equity under Federal and state laws by filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportu- ni~, Compliance Division. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Sharpsburg shall publicize this Resolution and through this publicity shall encourage owners of real estate, developers and builders to become aware of their respective responsibilities and rights under the Federal Fair Housing Law and amendments and any applicable state or local laws or ordinances. SAID PROGRAM will at a minimum includes: (1) printing and publicizing of this policy and other applicable fair housing information through local media and community contacts; (2) distribution of posters, flyers, and any other means that will bring attention of those affect, the knowledge of their respec- tive responsibilities and rights concerning equal opportunity in housing; and (3) prepare an analysis of impediments to fair housing choice and actions to mitigate such impediments. Effective Date This resolution shall take effect 4-1-2013 Published in the Bath County News Outlook On 04.04.13 photo by Cecil Lawson Wild and savage places remind us (sometimes against our will) that our human time and pur- poses have only a limited place in the grand scheme of nature. Above is Broke Leg Falls in Menifee County. Madhatter's Country Store Western hats, dress hats, caps, t-shirts, boodles, touch lamps, western lamps, eta Tommy Kiskaden - Owner 966 Wyoming Rd. O, ng e, 40360 606-674-2 107 no ::: .... ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals clearly marked will be received from qualified companies by the Bath County Board of Edu- cation in the Board Office Conference Room at Owings- ville, ICY (May 10, 2013 at 2:00 PM) for the Facilities Upgrade. Bids received after this time shall not be ac- Cepted and will be returned unopened to the bidder. The provisions of KRS 337 relative to the prevailing wage rates shall be applied as required. Liquidated damages will be assessed per the Specifications. The project scope includes Bath High School, Bath Middle School, Owingsville Elementary, Crossroads, Bath County Board of Education, and Annex. Immediately following the scheduled closing time for receiving the bids, all proposals that have been com- pletely filled out and have been properly submitted with the appropriate attachments in accordance with the Proposal will be opened and reviewed. To retrieve a copy of the RFP and all questions dur- ing the bidding period shall be submitted via facsimile (859)559-0523, phone to Chuck Trimble at Murphy + Graves Architects 859.559.0504 orvia email at chuck@ murphygraves.com. General Information State Wage Rates are applicable, conflicts of interest, gra- tuities and kickbacks are defined in KRS 45A.445 and as ,rovided for in KRS 45A.445 are Absolutely Prohibited. Published in the Bath County News-Outlook 03.28.13.