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April 18, 2013     Bath County News - Outlook
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April 18, 2013

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12 - April 18, 2013 Your Hometown Newspaper News Outlook COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY" College of Agriculture bull for about5 weeks and registered basis. Contact It is especially impor- needs. Using a suitable a second bull for 7 weeks, the Extension Office at tant for children to have feeder will reduce hay Only 22 cows conceived 674-6121 for more infor- a healthful diet that in- waste. "Sacrifice areas" and all of them conceived marion or to register. Sign- cludes plenty of calcium, are similar to a dry lot, to the AI. The first ques- up deadline is June 10. In children, the growth of but are an effective way tion I asked this rancher new bone exceeds bone to protect the remaining was the obvious one; did Calcium breakdown. During this pastures, you get a breeding sound- stage of life, osteoblasts in ness exam (BSE) per- There are a lot of con- our cells create new bone Bath Co. Homemak- formed on your bulls? His tradictory nulfition rec- faster than osteoclasts are ers Offer Scholarship response; the bulls had ommendations that come breaking it down. Around one when he bought them out from various research age 30, most people attain The Bath County Ex- but he had not had one studies, and recently some what is called peak bone tension Homemakers available from the high school or the Bath Coun- ty Extension Office at 2914 East Highway 60. The Homemakers also offer a scholarship for a non-traditional student returning to college or vocational/technical school, and a scholarship for a student working to- ward their GED. These applications are available Gary Hamilton Cooperative Extention Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources Martha Perkins Cooperative Extention Agent for Family and done since (2-3 years), new research on the use of mass. By age 40, the ac- will award a S500 scholar- at the Extension Office. The bulls were checked calcium supplements was rivity of the osteoblasts ship to a qualifying Bath All scholarship applica- and, sure enough, both released that has caused starts to slow down to the County senior. Seniors tions are due by May 7. were infertile, some controversy in the point where new bone who plan to attend col- For more information, Whatis a BSE? ABSE is nutrition community, formation falls behind the lege or post-high school call the Extension Office aferrilityexamperformed Regardless of where breakdown of old bone by vocational training may at674-6121. on bulls by a veterinarian, nutrition experts stand the osteoclasts. It is pri- apply. Applications are A BSE has three compo- on the new studies, all marily the drop in osteo- Consumer Sciences Terrance Clemons Extension Agent for 4-H PESTICIDE CARD TRAININGS -April 29 nents; scrotal circumfer- agree that the best place blast cell activity with age ence, a physical exam, to get the calcium needed that sets the stage for os- and a semen evaluation, for good bone health is teoporosis, the bone thin- Scrotal circumference is from food. That's all well ning disease. The result is highly correlated with se- and good if you like dairy that bone mass starts to men output and servin products, since these are decline in all people with capadty. It is recommena- the best food sources of increasing age. ed that a 12-13 month old calcium, but not everyone Try smoothies for The Bath County Ex- bull have a scrotal circum- likes milk or can drink it. snacks and desserts. A tension Service has two ference of at least 30 cm. If you're not a milk per- combination of skim milk Pesticide Card Trainings The physical exam is per- son, there are other food and fresh fruit is just like scheduled for April. Both formed to simply ensure sources of this important ice cream and offers a will be held on Monday, that a ,bull is physically mineral. Some may even great way for kids (and April 29th. One will be- up to the challenge of the surprise you. adults) to stock up on cal- gin at 10:00 AM and the breeding season. Are his Certain green vegeta- cium. other will be held at 6:00 feet and legs structurally bles contain calcium. One Educarional programs PM. Both will be held correct? Is he free from cup of broccoli has about of the Kentucky Coop- in the Bath County Ex- injury and/or infection? 75 milligrams of calcium, erative Extension Service tension Office Meeting The veterinarian then ex- Other vegetable sources serve all people regard- Room. This is the train- amines the bull's semen include collards and tur- less of race, color, age, ing that provides you with to determine if the sperm nip greens. There are 226 sex, religion, disability or the card that is required cells are normal. The bull milligrams of calcium in national origin. at the farm stores to buy is then graded as saris- a cup of cooked collards restricted-use pesticides factory, unsatisfactory, and 197 milligrams in a Providing summer for personal use. Please or deferred. Bulls classi- similar amount of cooked pasture for horses call the Bath County Ex- fled as unsatisfactory are turnip greens. tension Office at 606-674- considered infertile and it Spinach is a green leafy Pasture provides a sig- 6121 and register if you is not recommended that vegetable, so does it have nificant percentage of plan on attending either of they be used for breed- calcium, too? Unfortunate- horses' nutrient needs. A1- these trainings. This will ing. Bulls that receive ly, no it doesn't. Spinach, though horses have more be the last training oppor- the deferred classification rhubarb stalks and beet grass than they can con- tunity for this year. had some irregularities in greens are examples of sume in the spring when their ejaculate and a sec- foods that are high in a moisture is adequate, the Hey!! It's not to late ond collection is required substance called oxalate, hot, dry conditions of to Sell at the Farmer's to determine his fertility. Foods with high levels summer greatly reduce Market A BSE is a highlyreliable of oxalate reduce your available pasture. Good tool to use to identify bulls body's ability to absorb management is the key The Bath County Farm- that are infertile, calcium. While spinach, to getting through this ers Market will hold a Results from surveys rhubarb and beet greens growth slump. mandatory training re- nationally and in Ken- can be part of a healthful Some livestock produc- quired by the Kentucky tucky indicate that fewer diet because they provide ers might use temporary Department of Agricul- than 30% of cattlemen rou- other vitamins and min- summer pasture to over- ture for all vendors that tinely subject their bulls erals, they are not good come the summer growth plan on accepting WIC to a BSE. I am amazed sources of calcium, slump. However, horse andSeniorCouponsatthis by how. few people ob- An eight-ounce glass owners do not have this year's market. The train- tain a BSE in their herd of 2% milk has about 297 option, because many ing will be Tuesday, April bull before each breeding milligrams of calcium. So forages used for summer 23 at 7:00 PM in Owings- season. We purchase car, you'd have to eat about pastures are not suitable ville, at the Bath County health, life, and crop in- four cups of broccoli or a for horses. For example, .P n j'cqJRlr.e, Education surance why wouldn't we cup and a half of eens a beef cattle producer i Marl eting Center. purchase a little bi-eeding- in order to get " same might use a sorghum:su' To beable to accept WIC season insurance? We amount of calcium that's dan hybrid. Horse owners or Senior Coupons dur- protect ourselves against in a glass of milk. should avoid this hybrid ing the 2013 season you most disasters but we Some other sources of because it is known to must attend this training, don't protect our cow herd calcium include seeds and If you cannot attend you from the ultimate disas- nuts. One ounce (about may send a representative ter? A BSE will cost $50- cup) of almonds has to attend in your place. If 100 so it is a fairly inex- 75 milligrams of calcium. you already have a WIC or Senior Stamp please bring them with you. This alning will last one hour and will be the only one offered this year. Vendors must also signup and pay dues at this meeting to sell at the farmers market. Dues are $35 per season before July 1. A Breeding Sound- ness Exam: Insurance for Your Breeding Season Dr Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialist, Uni- versity of Kentucky pensive, easy form of risk management. I'm fairly certain that the cattleman that called me wished he had gotten a BSE on his bulls before he found out that he had 21 open cows. The $150 investment in breeding insurance (BSE) seems small compared to the lost income from 21 cows (815-18,000). So protect your investment. Obtain a BSE on all your bulls 30 days before every breeding season. Technology Day The Licking River Area Extension Homemakers are sponsoring a technol- ogy workshop on June 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon atthe Fleming County Library. Classes will include using Face- book, e-readers, manag- ing photos and preventing identity theft. Registration is $5.00 and classes will be filled on a first-come, first- The same amount of ses- ame and sunflower seeds had 37 milligrams and 33 milligrams of calcium re- spectively. Another surprising source of calcium is figs. Ten dried figs provide 270 milligrams of calcium. Use some care here, since figs are also loaded with sugars. Those ten figs pro- vide about 477 calories. If you look at the nutrition label on fig cookies, they do contain some calcium; two cookies contain 6% of the Daily Value of cal- cium. That's about 60 mil- ligrams. That's not a great source, but it's better than nothing and every little bit does add up. There are also calci- um-fortified non-dairy foods that may be help- ful. These include orange juices, breakfast foods, soy milk, cereals, snacks and breads. Even some bottled water is fortified with calcium. cause serious problems in their animals. Pearl millet is a po- tenrial forage for horse pastures during summer growth slumps. Owners considering this forage need to practice good grazing management strategies such as rotating horses off pasture when it has been grazed to 5 to 6 inches high. Rotational grazing on cool summer forages is another way to provide some pasture during the growth slump. When us- ing this system, it is im- portant to prevent over- grazing. Dividing pastures with an electric fence is a cost- effective way to allow horses to graze one area while limiting access to others until the forage is needed. Owners need to limit time on an area so horses do not graze the forage below 3 to 4 inches. If conditions limit pas. ture re-growth, owners may establish a "sacrifice area" to feed hay and grain to meet horses' nutritional I received the call on Monday. I seem to re- ceive this call 6-8 times each year. This particular rancher had just finished getting his cows diag- nosed for pregnancy. He had 43 cows falling calv- ing cows. Last fall, these cows were synchronized for artificial insemination and were exposed to one MENIFEE EXTENSION NEWS COOPERATIVE EXTENS|ON SERVICE ~[~, Ont~Cst~ of Kentucky ColM0e Of AgrR:uRur, ~r Extension Notes VL'IF Artmnda Hamilton Menifee County Extension Oft-me CEA for 4-H and Family and Consumer Sconce Fru and vegeb s inyour diet Ii extension professor, which you may also want to try We all know that we should eat at least five serv- ings of fruits and vegetables a day, but many of us don't get the recommended serv- ings. Fruits and vegetables are importmt to our diet, because they provide nece sary nutrients and are high in dietary fiber and low in calories, fat and cholesterot The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend flint you make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Spring is an excellent time to try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet, as all of them Coleslaw Yiel& 8 servings Shw lsma cabbage heact grated 1~ pq~le (~e ~ 2 cm ts, cup een onions, sliced o Dress 1 cup mayommi,low fat 1/z cup sour ~ 6 tablespoons alder vinegar 3 tablespoons molasses 1 poblano pepper, gnqled or roasted, peeled, minced Combine shwingredients together in alarge bowt Combine dressing in4 li- be in-seamn at some point in the coming months lwsea- son produce is the peak of a entsin a small bowl. Toss the particular fruit or vegetable's slaw and dressing together and refrigerate to develop flavors for at least one hour. NutrifionalAnalysis (1/2- cup): 170 calories 4 grams l tein, 30 grams carbohy- drates, 5 grams fat Fruit Kabebs Yml& 4 sm .gs 1 cup pear, chunks 1 cup honeydew, chunks 1 cup cantaloupe, chunks 1cup slmwbmies, halved 1/2 cup blueberries Lemon juice 1 cup plain yogurt, 4ree 2 cups granola 8, 64nch bamboo skewers Toss fruitin a smaU amount of lemon juice to stop brown- ing. Alternate fruit chunks on the skewer with a blueberry between To dip fruit in yogurt, coating al freshness, which means its flavor is going to be wonder- ful. Spring is also a lime when many local farmers markets kick off their season. Shop- ping at a farrnexs market w ql not only give you the fresh- est produce posm%le but also gives you the opportunity to support local farmers and the local emnon . lncorporaling more fruits and vegetables in your diet may seem like an task, but here are some easy waysto do so. Add fresh fruit to either cooked or whole grain cereal. * .Add berries or other fruits to pancake Add applesauce to a peanut butter sandwich. Try mw vegetsbles with cottage cheese or yogmd . Add vegetables to a torliJh to make either a veg- etable quesadi]h or breakfast burdto. Add chopped veg- etables to an omelet, quiche or fi'itlata. Try baked bagel chips with homemade salsa made from i gedients you purchased at the fm-mers market Ifyou don't the ta e of a particular fruit, try preparing it in a different way, as it may actually be the texture you do not like. Below are a couple of redpes developed by Sancka Bas Un er of Kentucky foods and nutrition side Put granoh into a shal- lowbowl and mn kabobs. Nu onal Analysis (2 bobs): 350 calorie 14 grams pro,65 grams c oo - dr-ales, 9 arns Note: For smaller kabobs, use half the fruit on each bob for 8 serving For more information on increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and your all farmers market, contact Menifee County office of the UK Cooperative Extrusion Service. progm at the Coope ve F amsion Ser- vice serve all lw.ofle regardle #race, co,sex, ralston, abi or naiona ill 1 Iq,a,y,a Covering Bath, Fleming, Menifee, Nicholas and Robertson Counties We Wo p mbm lhet will Iou mone# till OlU sales praentelivm tods'I for mud mmml Jeremiah, 859-473-2259