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May 1, 2014     Bath County News - Outlook
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May 1, 2014

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News Outlook Yoll.r Hometown Newspaper May 01, 2014- 7 I As in the Days of Noah Not being much of a mov- munching popcorn and in fihns, but usually the ie-goer, I rarely weigh in on giggling through the tor- story is pretty close to the what Holb ,ood creates for lure of Christ. This-while original. In "Noah," there our entertainment. Were I sobbed and hid my eyes are tile following reported it not for. tile subject mat- from the graphic images discrepancies from the bib- ter of the newly released on the screen. What kind lical account that I person- flm, "Noah," I would prob- of human can eat or laugh ally find bothersome: ably remain nmte. Mter while watching someone 1. Noah's charactes. all, I have not seen it and scourged, even if it is only In Ge 6:9, the scripture have no intention of seeing a movie? Never mind, I do says that Noah was a just it. Better to take the word not want to know. man and perfe.ct in his gen- of those who have' seen it No, my problem with erations. He walked with and stay home. Still, I have "Noah" is not about rio- C;od. In the movie version, some concerns, fence, although it'd be my Noah is a dark psychotic It is not that I do not like guess there is plenty in the character willing to allow religiously themed movies, fihn. My problem is accura- others to die; sacrificing In fact. when I went to see cy. From the reviews of the children for moths (http:// the 'Passion of Christ,' my movie, I have learned that: www.theguardian.com/ only complaints were about the producer took manyfilm/2014/apr/06/noah- thevMence itsthe fihn and creative liberties with the review-preposterous-epic- some kliot sitting behind biblical stoD: Some ere- russell-crowe). me in the theater loudly alive liberty is expected 2. The reason for the flood. Ge 6:5-6 states that the sin and violence of No- iW to scripture is important God found the world so ah's day and yel God saved to story of Noah is thai Je- flfll of evil that he repented Noah and Isis family: sus mentioned it as a sign of creating mankind. "Yhe of the times. He said: "But movie version suggests Despite these discret>as in the (lays of Noah, so an ecological reason fl)r antics fl'om the biblical also will the coming of the the flood (http://www, account, some religious Son ofManbe." (Mat24:37- christianitytoday.com/ed- leaders have said that see- 38) Since we wait and stetzer/2014/fehruary/ ing this movie is helpful to watch for signs of Christ's noah-five-negafive4eatures- stimulate discussion and in- relurn, I do not think thal about-this-flm.html), terest in scripture. I think conflssion about what to 3. The nature of God. tlfis may be true. Certain- look fl)r is a particularly The movie focuses on the ly, I would not roll anyone good thing. Believe it: I terrible judgment of the to avoid going to see the will not be Iooldng for rock Creator. While I think this movie. However, it should people, or some ecological is a critical element of the be fairly obvious that its this retribution. Instead, I will story- God is powerful case, the book is definitely be looking at the growing and Hisjudgmentsare fear- better than the movie! My sinfulness and 4olence of some; the element of grace concerns about accuracy of our land as the sign that and salvatkm is the more the story are for those who soon, those of us remaining important point. God was may never read the book. will be gathered up. grieved in his heart over The reason I think fidel- by Ginger Karrick- Kineaid Many of you have heard of Rube Fields already, but I hope the exce@t below brings a personal element to his story that might be miss- ing otheru'ise. My father- in-law spoke of Mr. Fields often, always with a sense of amazement and respect, never with hint of deri- sion. 77w, is a lesson in that for all of us. From the journals: "'I can't accept money for taking inventory of your store goods because God might take away my gift.' So spoke one of the most unusu d persons that ever lived. This man was born and reared in Bath County and later made occasional trips to Missouri. Rube Fields has been a legend in Bath County since the time he became an adult. Rnbe grew up in the White Omk community. A multitude of the stories told about this interest- ing man were true. "Ilmre are many skeptics who do not believe Rube could have worked such magic. If MI: Fields lived today, he would probably be re- ferred to as a 'walking computer.' Certainly it was uncanny how he could give you the exact time of day without looking at a watch. Some fellas were not too sure if Rube could tell time by a watch. It is a fact, though, that thehe could - if he would - give you the correct time at any time, without looking at one. 13oys, having heard of his power, would slip up on Rube and ask for the time. Rube would respond, 'It's time you were at home get- ting in your mother's fire- wood.' Time telling was only a small part of his gift Mathematical problems and the soMng of them seemed to be the great- est gift that: this man had. Rnbe would not have been able to solve the problem on paper, but would instan- taneously give the answer after the problem had been stated. You might give him a problem such as this: How many times would a locomotive wheel turn over between Salt Lick and Preston if the circmnfer- ence of the wheel is 8'4" and the distance by rail between the two points is seven and three miles? He could respond immediate- ly with the correct answel: The town council in Owingsville had a large From the Journals of cistern huilt ahmgside the Rube loved to go into old courthouse.* Old cis- a cane field and eat and terns were usually a cylin- suck on the cane until he der which began lo taper had his till. He also used in toward the lop forming soap differently than most. a cone, but the cone is Rube would rnb dry soap chopped off at the top. The on Isis face until it became point made here is that not red and slick. everyone can tigure to the Mr. Fields was a large gallon what the capacity, of man with a ruddy corn- such a cistern would be. plexion. He was well liked The 'town fathers' calcu- but folks often tested him lated what they believed to because they wondered be accurate to the gallon about his gift. and then called in Rube Perhaps you wonder Fields and gave him the about the author's source dimensions. Rube unhesi- of information. The au- tatingly answered and the thor's father knew Rube councihnen informed him Fields. Other fellas also that this was one time that knew this great man with he had missed. Not being the unbelievable gilt.** satisfied, however, one of It is understood why the cotmcihnen took the most people do not believe problem to a mathemati- 'the exploits of Rube Fields clan (reputedly a college and the author would be professor of mathematics) one also had his father not and of course Rube had it known him. It is thought to the galhm, by some that knew Rube Some of the top circuses that he died between 1910 in the United Slates tried and 1912. to no avail to employ Rube th)r those of you who but again he stated, 'I can't saw the movie Rain Man, accept money because Rube was much like the God might take my gift character played by I)ustirs away from me.' Hoffman, except the Rain Pttblic Notice Bath County Fiscal Court is cemitmction with the Kentucky A~sociation of C~mnties KACo), will be acceptiog bids via at Reverse Onlioe Auction oo May 9, 2014 at 3 pm Easter lillle (2prll Central) I:or the purchase oI wad salt lot the county road department. For bid participation/registration and specification contact Orbis Ooline as 210--831-6070 or log onto www.orl,i~online.con~ or coniact, Bath County Fiscal Court at 806-674-.6346 oT Scott Martin with KACo at 800.-26% 5226. '[he Fiscal Court reserves the right to rejectiaccept any and al" bids, Bids will be aceepled online 0nly. Published i~* ihe Bath (.?ounO' t~q:ws ()t~tioo}. 05.01. ! ~. SURPLUS PROPERTY SALE INVITATION TO BID "t he Cily of ( )wingsville will be accepting .~ealed bkh Lmtil I::r iday, May 9.2o 14, till 4:00 RM., h~r a 1998 Ford tixpIorer VIN# 1FMZLI35PI WUB89502. Bids sl'lall be submitted 'o Owingsville (;it}" I lali, Pt)B 639, Owingsville, KY ,10360. Sealed Bid~ mllst be c!early marked "1998 Ford Fplorer". l'he City of()wingsville reserwes Ibe right to reject any and all bid.,. I(vou have any qaestions, please call 1.606.674. 636[. P!d~,lished in !he Bath ('ore'4 v News.Outhx,k O.L2.L I.t. and 05.0i. ~ I Burl Kincaid, Jr. Man character had someof the 1900's were the size formaleducationand Rube of about two cars, if that was illiterate. The medical helps put tiffs in perspec- term for such gifted per- tive. A few of the cisterns sons is 'idiot savantY*** have been filled in. **He notes in the mar- *My father in law notes gins that 'Mr. Jeff' also in the margins of this piece knew Rube Fields, Mr. Jeff that the cistern is 'still to being Jefferson L. I)arnell, the west of the courthouse Don's grandfather or Mr. near Main Street,' and it is. Burl's father-in-law, and Don says the cisterns the l'm sure he heard stories town used in the early part from him as well, ***The term 'idiot sa- vant' has Mien out of favor because not all savants have limited intelligence. 'Aulistic sawmt' was used for a while because quite a few (fifty percen0 of sa- vants are autistic. Not all are, of course, so the term 'savant syndrome' is now the preferred one. RKENERGY A "l~:,uchsrone EnerR~; C'ooperative ~.t,~ Tuesday, May 7. Winchester Co-op Grounds, H vv. 15 Registration for Clark Energy members only from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Business Meeting at 6:30 p.m. Free Health Fair Entertainment Prize Drawings Antique Tractor Exhibit, Caricaturists Free Food Informative Exhibits Public Invited Bath County Bath County News-Outlook(USPS 045260) is published every Thursday by M,C. lm'estments d/b/a/Bath County News-Outlook, 81-A Water St., O wingsvitle, KY 40360 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Bath County ,w,'v ?" 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