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May 1, 2014     Bath County News - Outlook
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May 1, 2014

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16- May 01, 2014 .Your Hometown Newspaper News Outlook V i Photos by Cecil Lawson t Leadership Council Bath County High School's top student leaders in the 4-H Wildcat Leader- ship Council got the exciting opportunity to meet 6th District Rep. Andy Barr last Tuesday at the high school library and ask him questions about local economic development, The Leadership Council is currently developing a proposal for a local health/fitness center that could receive grant funding through the Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky. Students sought guidance from Barr regarding the factors affecting local eco- nomic development in the 6th District as well as advice for further pursuing their proposal. Wildcat Leadership Council members have also traveled to Frankfort tO meet:with state legislators/and have made a presentation before the Bath County Fiscal Court about their plans. al missioner t2 i;: Hello, My name is Randy Denton and i am seeking the office of P, ath County Road Commissioner in district 2 (Preston, Owingsvillc 2 and Owmgsville 3) in the upcoming May Primary Election. I am the son ofTruman and Susie Denton. l, my with lessie and my 2 sons Aaron and Kaleb live m the Blevms Valley area. 1 have served the county tax payers as a vohmteer fireman for the past 21 years where I still currently am a active volunteer lirefigluer and currently a member of the Bath County Fire '[hx Board. 1 am currently employed by Infiltrator Systems in Winchester as a distrubution Supervisor. If elected I would like the chance to work with other courRy officials in bringing more activities to our county lbr our young kids as well as adults t~ have something to do in our courtty such as a drive in, bowling alley, theatre, etc. rather than to get mixed up in tile drugs at~d crime that is rap- idly growing in our county and all surrounding Comities. [ also know what its like to drive out uf the county with our current gas es on the rise as I have driven to Wirtchester to work fi)r tlw past ten };ears. 1 would like the opportunity to work to see that our citizens have more jobs in nur county to prevent from Imving to drive out of county to find jobs. With more jobs and activites irt the cot.rely, it would bring more revenue to our courttv tbr maintairdng and improving our county roadways which are in desperate need of repairs and improvemertts due to insuffecient tax ftmds. "[hese are just some of the reasons I would like tile ~pportul~ity to serve as yuur Road Commissioner in District 2 of Bath Coun, ty. "[hat is why I am taking thi,~ time to ask each of you lo' yo l "vote and support in the upcoming May 20th Primary Election. "Ihank yott fi)r your support! Paid fi r b), Rand), Denton camtidate fbr Bath County Road Commissiorter Distrcit 2 You are invited: Live Band Great Food Everyone Welcome Saturday May 17th, 2014 Beginning at 6PM Bath County Ag Marketing Center Frenchburg Water and Sewer Ky-0S30t4S Water Quality Report for year 2013 Robert F. Brown P.O, Box ] 13 Phone: (606)768-3457 Frellchburg~ Ky 4( ~22 Meeting~: Freuchbure CoJnm i fit~ ('e iterC('R Contact: Robert F. Browlt W~t~r, Es~se~ f~r ~,~e Meetin~ ~Oatcs and rime: i.hst th~r~da> of~O' month 6:3(I p.m. Phone: ~606)768-3457 This report is desigae~ m intbmt the public about fl~e qualhy of waler and services prm kled on a dailb basis. Our commilmtm is m provide our custon~ with a salve, cleall all I re} ab e supp v o "t r nk g ',~ or We ~allt to a*.~ure thai uee ,a ill ~ontinue to nlonitor, improve, and protect the ~ater s>$tem and doll'.or a high quality pr~Kluct. Watcrislhcfllostilldisp*2nsableproductinever~ilofflCalldW~,;~kevetyoncto ~c~n~rv live d ep S ~ ' r:~'ls ( protcc hew Ier~;~lrc~ and the water sysltm. "lheF~nehbnrg'~ValerSysem, re;~rrc~ o~s( )),pu'c ~e ~aler ffomtbrees.rfi~c~alersourcersduringthe,~dendryearof2013. Ourpriam~ ~ourceisfi-om the Cave Run Water (7ommissi~. PWSID/~ KY0831010 rcl~l'r~xl ~ s (A whose ra'*~ surli~c ~atcr source is lix~m the I.icking River. We also purchased v*~ter il)111 he Bath ( 'o y W~Ret )islri. PWSI )!~ KY0 )60022 re ~rr o s I 3), ,a.i~ p rehases w er Iknn tbe Morehcad t.}liliD, Plato Board. who.*.' ray* suflilCe '0,aler sa)ur.,.:c is the ).ieking Rb;ur. This source is used onl3 v, hel~ we ;ire unable to buy ',~atcr fi'oll~ our pthllltD, source, duu to an clnerg~mcy. We al:io ptlrcbascd waltr from Mi r~m Co in~ Waler Distri P~'S I~ KV0881 594 ret'erre~ o a~: (C). who pttrehasts v;aler Ik in Cave Rim W let Commis~iim ~ d die WeM I iberl~ W= ter P nt whose ra~ ~uriilc ~ er ~mrce s e k ng R ver this so~lrc is anolher -~)urc that can be used m an emergency. For inlbrmation re.g~rding the system ser,~ed from the differe,t Sotlrce$ of ~alt~r. 0la.,;~ otllaot otlr ofli If 3.ou I)av qtleslions about thi~ rept~rt or other qtlesllotls conernittg the ~Mer ~3~tenl. ~lea~ ~ c : .enchhurg Water and Sev, e a (6)t. 7f 8-3457, V,:e ~yant our valued customers to be inl'omled about their ~',atcr utility. I)rinking water, including Ix,tiled ~alcr. 1113) tea:,ooably be xpdled ~ co ill I east s llall anlollnts of sonic COlaamiltifflt~. lb pre,~2n ofcootanlilmnts d,x's not lecessarily indicate thrl v~nter poses a health ri~k. Mote infi!nua0on alx~Ul conlaminanls a;|d potenlial health etl~.ots tony be oblained by calling tbe I!nvir~m~nral ~mt~ti(m Agency's Sa~ Drinki.g Watel i i(,;lilte (800-426--1791). }lie sources of drhlkmg water (Nlth tap t~al~r alld bottled ~alert inchut ri~crs, lakes, streams, Ixmds. reservoir*, sprhlg..k and wells. As ~atr travels over Ih sulffi*c of the land in through the grotmd, it dis,;oN~ naturally ~curring mine~l~ and. in some ea~. radio~live maleriM, and m~' pick up :mb~tances r~,uhing li't~ln Ihc presence of animals or li'oln humall activil) ('onlalnhlallts Ihat nl~ he present ill ~,urce water include: Milx~hial contaminants. Stlll as viruses and bal~ria, (sewage pl~l~, septic ~stell~s. llvestL~ck operations, or wildlife), hlorganic c~mUmtinal~ts, such as ~ahs and Inetal,% t nanlrally occurring or fi'om stornl~aler rnnofl~ waste.Waler di~ba~s, oil and ga~ production, milling, or farming. Pesticide~ and herbicides, (:,lorm~ater rtmofl~ agriculture or ~.idential us';l. Or ,ganlc chemical o~laminan~. includil~g s.vntbeli and "~o[atile organic chemicals, (b)-ploduets of industrial prt~c~ses ~lld p'troleum produliom ~ fixml I~us ~tafion~. slormwaler runofl~ or septic s)slem,~). Radioaliv onlalnimulls.(;laluraliy ocurringc)r fi'om oil and gas produlion or inining activities). In olXler to ensu~ Ihat lap w;ller is Sill~ to drink. EPA p~ribes r~gnlatJons th;ll lit;fit tbe amount of certain colllaminams ill ~ater provided by public ~alcr s3~tems FDA reguhttiot~s establish limil~ Ibr ontannnants itt Ix)tt k~l ,aater Io provkle the ,,.a m protccti(nl lin' public health. Some people itmy he tnor vulnerable to contomtoattt~ in drinMltg ~ater thatt toe genernl Impuladon. Immuuo~mpramL*ed persons such as person.* with cancer t#ltdergolt## chem~then#py, perxon~ wha hare andergone organ InmSp~nt~. people w#h HIV/AID,~ or otker knmtme ~yseem disorder% some elderly, and ll!fa~ can be pa~Vh.uh~r.~ ~ risk.##m inJEclion~ l"hes pol~& ~hauM ~eeh adr/c a6om drtoMag w~ter from their health care pra~'/der~. EP 4/(~C gMdelin~ ou appropriate means to less~l the ri~ ~ inJection by C~ypto~poridimn and Pther mic~bial conmmimmt~ ur at~llable from the Safe Drinking Water Hor~ne ~00-426.4~1), Some or all of these deflnlthms may be found in this repot1: ~imum Comamiaent Lewl (MCL) - the highest level of a ol~taminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCI,~ a~ ~t a~ 1o.,c ~ the MCt A~;s as ~asible rising tile best available treatment technology. ,~faximuln Co~ttambtaH/Level Goal (M('LG) . the level of a onlall)i~laot ill drinking waler bek)w which Ihet i! tloknown or expeoted risk to bealth, MCI.Gsalh)~ Ibr a margin ot saibty. Maximum Residual Dl~infectam Lel,el (:tlRDIJ - the highest Ic~1 of r disinlk'clant alh)w~d in drinki,g ~aler t licit: is (xmvirlcing evident(: that 'addition ofa disinl;: rant b; ns'~al~ Ibr cnntlol of nliemhial contaminant. Mexlmum Residual DL~inje~nt Le~'el Goal (MRDLG/ - tile level (~f :~ ~l~'it~king water disitd~ctanl belo~ whicl: Ibel~ is no knov.n or exp.x:tcd risk to health. MRnLGs do nol tetlcl the benefits of Ib use ~ff di~infkctants I,: control tniorobial ~mtaminanls. Below Detection Lew'/~ (BDI,) - latx~ratot3 atlaly~i~ indicales thai the c~mtaluinanl is nol Weselll. NotAppll~Me (N/4) ~ does not app,. Parts per millhm (ppm) - or milligrams per lit~:r, trawl) Oile pan 0or million corr~s~nd~ In one min~l~ in tw ye~,~ or a ~in~e pe,ny in $10,00t). P~rt~ per billion (ppb) - or mierogrmn~ i~t litcl. (l~g'l 3. One ixm per billion cor~c~pond~ to on~ mimtle in 2,6nf ~ars, or a slngl Ix'm~y in $10.000.(t00. Parts per trillion (ppt) - one Imrl per trillion corresponds to om nlinm in 2.~t(h000 years, or a single pelmy n $ I ~(~,)0,000,000. Parts per quadrillion (ppq) - one I~ per quadrillion corf~Hxmd~ Io ,me minulc m 2,000,000J)00 ycar~ ol on~ petmy in $10,0th'),0rg),0tg),000. Picm.urie~per liter (pC~/L) - a meaSUl of the radioaet b. ity ill watl. Mill~remslmryear (mrem/yr) . nteasul~: (~l'l'lldiati(~l; absorbed I~ the I~dy Million Flbe~ per L#r (MFL) - a n~asure of'lhe pl~senc ol'asl~e~lOS fibers Ihat ale Ioflger than ]0 nfieromet0rs. Nephelometri Turbidit, I;n# (NTU) - a measure oFthe clarib' of v~aler. I~urhidi~) has no health efli:ls. Ilo,~ever turhidi~ call pl~avidc a inedium Ibr microbial growth, lult~idit5 i~ immitored I~causc it is a g~d indical(n orth~ el~:tivenes~ orthe Iiltmlion s~stem. Parhltt~ & ~vemptoms (V&E) - State or I:PA permission not tu lUCel an MC[ or a Irea~men( technique undl cflai. conditions. Acllau LewI ,4L) . the coacenlrltliou ,)fa *:onlamiuant v, hich. ile>,cceded. Irigger~ treillnlclll (n .alber rcqtlirement! thai a watel sysl0m shall (illlo~. Tr~lto~~r 1~cltnique (TT} - a oJquired proc~.s inlel;ded Io i~duee Ib level ofl~ contanlinant ill drinking "~aler. Spmtish (~paflol) ~te inlbn, contiene intbtma~i6n Inu,~ imtxntanl ~obre la catidaa dc ~u agua beber. l~adfi~:alo o hable ~on alguien que k~ emieoda bien. Information Al~mt Lead: if present, elevated levels of lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children, Lead =n dnnking water ts primarily from "naterials and components essociated with see'ice hnes and home plumbing. Your local public water system is responsible for providing high quality drinking water. ~ut cannot control the variety of materials ~sed ~n plumbing components, When your Rater has been sitting for several hours. fOU can minimize tha polential for lead exposure by flushing your tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water ~or drinking or cooking. If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in drinking water, ~es~ng methods, and steps you can take to minimize exposure is available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline or at ~ttp:liwww epa.govlsafewaterltesd "{he data presented in this rel'~Wt are li'om the mosl recent t~. ling do0e ill accordance ~tith administrntive rcgotatkmy ill ,101 KAR Chapter 8..As authorized and approved by EPA hc S ate as red eed ',,m ,r g retluiremenls for certain c~l~t~rrlir~a~ ~ to less often Ihan once p.'r )'car bec ise he c, ~." ra o s o 'r c.~ contamhlants are nol cxpect~l t,, x, ary gignificantly from year to year. Some orthe data in thi~ table, though ix:platen at ~ may be m~ rc i~an b e yc " ~M U k'~ otl'a'rwise iK~tcd, tlve ret'a~r t level is the highest k.vel detccteth AUowNble ~ lUghe~t Singk' I~wt, ut Violation =. Levels ~, Measurement Monthly % Turbidity (NTI') ITNo rnor.2 than I NTU* A= 0.14 I@t) N * Repr~.ntotive samples Les.~ thaJ'~ 0,3 NI'U it] B= 7.6 J O0 Y of filtered water 95% nlonthlv san~Dles Regulated Contaminanl Test Results Icode~ (units) MCL H('I.(; t,evel of Detection Radioactive Contaminants Alpha emitters 15 0 A 0.7 03 to 0.7 t;cb-I 2 14t ~ ~ti (~l r) t~ t(~ C' to Combir~d rsdim~ (p('i~3 5 0 [a~ 07 0,7 to 0.7 Apr-08 ike ~" ~=uree of Turbid t~. Soil runoff I Date nf Violation l,ikeiy Source of Contamination Erosion el natural deposils Erosk~ll o I'natul~ll deposits No !nqrgan,tc Contaminants Bariutll [10t01 I ppnll 2 2 g': 0.018 0.018 to 0.018 Mar-13 I.)rilling v,a,~te~: m~M refineries: No erosion of uatural deposits Copper [10221 (ppm) AL " 0 120 sites e~ceeding action level 1.3 1.3 I) - (91"1:t' 0 tc~ 0.20" Aug- I l 0 percentile~ Fluoride A,~1,03 O.6~ to 1.3o Feb-13 [1025[ (ppnu 4 4 B1.08 0.63 ~o 1.71 Oc1-13 ,. ,, Lead [ ~0301 (ppb) A[ 2 sites exceeding act k~r~ level t5 (t i) (~::' 0 to 2 Aug-ll 0 ~erc~:ntilc) Nhrate A"0.32 !!.32to 0.32 Mar-13 [10401 tppm! 10 10 B- 0,3 0,3 to 0.3 Nov-13 Corlx*skm ofhtnluehotd ph~mbing No :~stems No=. Water additive which pro.rote:- No strong teeih Ct'rn)m~m o f }'ousehu]d pluming NO .-,yslem~ Runoff from t ~i!iz.e,- use: leachi~ NO from aeptlc tank:,..~.,e, age; ea)sion ofrmturai dept~itr, Naturalb presenl in environmeat. Disinfectants/Disinfe*'tion Byproducts and Precursors 1"oral Organic Cartxm I ppod A." i~.O5 o.80 to I. 18[ N/A ~l~S treIK, n level lowest avg. "iT* N/A B 1.44 1.!,6to 2.04 j N/A range ofnu,nthly ratk,~ *Monthly" ratio is the % rOC rt.nlo'val achieved to the % FOC removal re~ (Thliwhle MRI)I MRr)] G 130 (ppm) " 4 ~ ,I ~ (highest average) naa".'pp~.l" " (a.~i,,s~ a 58 7 to ~zs s,,~a [HMoacedc acidsI 60 N'A B'"47 29 1o 74 N,A average i( I'atlgc O1" illdi~ idtl;ll Sites rlttM !ppb)(a s es A,=64 18 to 104 N,'A total trillalolnetllanes~ 80 N.'A ft,, 67 34 to "122 N'A (S) slenl avcml~el "I'T'UM (ppb) A'.. 55.5 Byproduc , f r nk ng~ er total trlhalomethanes[ 80 N,'A t Iocarkmal 9 to I It) N:A NO disin];~l ion ( t;Idi'ei*'lllal SiI~.) average) Violatlone: trired. ArHmal a\'era~le ol'lh monthly" ratios must be i .00 or ~l~ater fPr compliance. Wa~er additive used to comrol to 2.20 N'A NO nlic r~.~Ix,'s. Frenchburg Water'and Sewer had no violations for the 2013 calender year. No a>product ot driflking water '[NO disinfect hm No Byproduct ~ffdri~king wa el" No disiot~ctlon Cave Run Water Commission our main water supplier had two violations in 2013. Testing results they received showed that their system did not meet the required removal ratio for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in the third and fourth quarter of 2013. Even though TOC is not a contaminant, and therefore does not have a maximum contaminant level (MCL), a treatment technique is used to maintain acceptable levels. Each month the pement of TOC removed is compared to the percent of TOC required to be removed and a ratio is determined. These monthly ratios are used to calculate an annual average. The annual average of monthly removal ratios of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is required to be 1.00 or greater. the TOC removal ratio for their water system was calculated to be: 0.98 through the third quarter and 0.95 for the fourth quarter of 2013, This is not an immediate risk. If it had been. you would have been notified immediately, However. you need to be aware of the possible health effects. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) has no health effects. However, total organic carbon carbon provides a medium for the formation of disinfection byproducts. These byproducts include trihalomethanes, or THM's, and haloacetic acids, or HAA's. Drinking water containing these byproducts in excess of the MCL may lead to adverse health effects. liver or kidney problems, or nervous system effects, and may lead to an increased risk of getting cancer. The Cave Run Water Commission has been working on different treatment techniques to correct this problem. The most recent tests have shown a positive effect on the drinking water. Bath County Water District and the Morehead Plant Utility Board(Bath County Water District's Main Supplier) received one violation, issued by the Kentucky Division of Water. The specifics of the violation is listed as follows: A violation was issued on December 6, 2013 for exceeding turbidity levels allowed due to a mechanical failure, at the water treatment plant which was quickly identified and repaired. They Were back in compliance as December 7, 2013. During this time period Frenchburg Water and Sewer did not purchase any water from Bath County Water District, This did not effect Frenchburg Water and Sewer. Source Water Assessments: Recently the Gateway Area Development District(GADD) completed a study as part of the federally mandated Source Water Protection Program. This identifies sources of contamination, which could possibly have a negative impact on our raw water supply. A copy of this completed report is available for inspection at the office of the GADD, which is located in the John Will Stacy MMRC Industrial Park in Rowan County, The raw water source for (At Cave Run Water Commission is the Licking River An analysis of the susceptibility of the Cave Run Water Commission's raw water supply to contamination indicates that the susceptibility potential is generally moderate The main source of concern is a major roadway bridge that extends over the source immediately upstream of the intake. Farming sites located in the area also present the possibility for impact from the application of pesticides and fertilizer. Activities and land uses upstream of the raw water intake can pose potential risks to your drinking water. These activities and uses should be of interest to the entire community because they potentially affect your health and the cost of your drinking water. The raw water source for (B) Bath County Water D=strict. who purchases water from the Morehead Utility Plant Board, is the Licking River. An analysis of the susceptibility of the Morehead Utility Plant Board's raw water supply to contamination indicates that the susceptibility potential is generally moderate. There are a few areas of high concern near the raw water withdrawal site. Farming sites located in the area present the possibility for the impact from the application of pesticides and fertilizer. Bridges and major roadways used to access the Cave Run Lake recreational area also pose a threat to the intake should an accidental release of harmful substances be introduced into the water source. Another source of potential concern in the critical protection area is a small wastewater package treatment plant located in the area. A small commercial airport and the presence of two underground storage tank and a small grocery/gas station, and a manufacturing industry. The complete Source Water Assessment is available at the Morehead Utility Plant Board Water Treatment Plant. The raw water source for (C) Morgan County Water District, who purchases water from the Cave Run Water Commission. An analysis of the susceptibility of the Cave Run Water Commission and West Libery Water Plant indicates that the susceptibility is generally moderate. The main source of concern is a major roadways and bridges that extends over the source in the immediate area of the intakes. Farming sites located in the area also present the possibility for impact from the application of pesticides and fertilizer. Activities and land uses upstream of the raw water intake can pose potential risks to your drinking water. These activities and uses should be of interest to the entire community because they potentially affect and the cost of your drinking water. Copies of the Consumer Confidence Report are available at the following locations: Frenchburg City Hall, 28B Bible Camp Rd., Frenchburg, Ky 40322 Menifee County Public Library, 1585 Main Street, Frenchburg, Ky 40322 Gateway Area Development District, 110 Lake Park Dr,, Morehead. Ky 40351 f ttl lished in the Menif;ee County News4)utlor)k 05.01.14