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May 20, 2004     Bath County News - Outlook
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May 20, 2004

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;o Thomasine Sue Hunt vs. urt Davis; court trial: default dgement for plaintiff. &apos; Thomasine Sue Hunt vs. atalie Royce; court trial: efault judgement for plaintiff. i* The Walker Company vs. hristy Snedegar; court trial; kiefault judgement for plaintiff. ,i Nana's House Day Care vs. Teresa Lykins; court trial; judgement for plaintiff aiad iCOStS. ,' Commonwealth of Kentucky s. Rodney Shields; improper 1. xeg plates; failure to trans reg of motor vehicle; no insurance; no or expired reg plates; dismissed r ,roof produced.  Commonwealth of Kentucky . Michael D. Stigall; speeding 80/55; recall dn; $60 fine and i0st; 90 days to pay; no ins; dis- iiss; proof produced. c B e 1 1 s o u t h Telecommunications vs. Tony Lawill; motion hour; no appear- nce by plaintiff or attorney; motion passed. '-* American General Finance ys. Jamie Nichols; motion hour; default judgement; proper ser- wce; no response; no appear- alice. Discover Bank vs. Donna R. Staten; motion hour; dismiss: ankruptcy filed. Commonwealth of Kentucky s. Bobby J. Black; op mv u/infl 'lc/drug .08 I st; not guilty plea; pt 6-8-04 at 10 a.m. ' Commonwealth of Kentucky is. Robert Ste Clarke: use/pos- 'ess drug paraphern l st; pre- "rip in improper contain; lsl; illegal procurement of cs, 1 st; xt nd pt 8-03-04 at 10:30 a.m. for l'abs. " Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Robert Ste Clarke; traffic , .. marijuana < 8 oz 1 st off; posses- on of marijuana; pt 8-3-04 at :30 a.m. for labs. . Commonwealth of Kentucky s. Robert Ste Clarke; three ounts of posscs; 3rd deg; 1st 9.if; unspecif; pt 8-3-04 at 10:30 .m. for labs. - Commonwealth of Kentucky s; Robert Ste Clarke; poss c; 3ra aeg; Jst on; unspeclr; zna eg poss cs/drug unspec, 1[ 15[ -3-04 at 10:30 a.m. for 10bs. iI ,, Commonwealth of Kentucky s. Lacy Dale Fawns; motion our; motion sustained; ordered ntered. i" Commonwealth of Kentucky s. Michael Wayne McCoy Jr.; eed 26 mph over/greater; fail wear seatbelt; guilty plea; sts. ,, Commonwealth of Kentucky ,s. Whitney E. Pitts; no*insur- ce; valid ins produced; resti- [ntion paid in full; dismiss per ]bcal rule. " Commonwealth of Kentucky t, vs. Joel Sanchez; no Ky reg lates; no/exp reg receipt; no operator's/moped license; no Insurance; fta; bw $500. , Commonwealth of Kentucky ;s. Dustin Mills; assault 4th; guilty plea; 30 days to serve. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Dustin Mills; no insurance; :lui 3rd; revoke 30 days of pro- brated; consecutive. Commonwealth of Kentucky Vs. George Benson; served with order of arrest for failure to abide by court order for chiid support; appt. Hen. Monica Hill; hearing waived; 12 months to run concurrently with felony sentence. Commonwealth of Kentucky Records vs. Jeff cry Robbins; dui 1 st agg; resisting arrest: appt. Hen. Monica Hill; redocket 5-18-04 f'or jail docket. Sancha Lynn Hayes vs. Jonathan Wayne Maze: domes- tic violence; case dismissed; no appearance by either party. Sancha Lynn Hayes vs. Jonathan Wayne Maze; defiles- tic violence; case dismissed; no appearance by either party. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Jackson C. Manley; assault 4th degree minor injury; ct 8- 31-04 at 10 a.m. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Sherry Frederick Ormes; criminal trespass 2nd degree; harassment-no phys contact; fpt 7-13-04 at 10 a.m.; jt 7-27-04 at 10 a.m. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Monroe Pergram Jr.; assault 4th degree minor injury; terror- istic threat, 3rd degree; ct 8-31- 0,4 at 10 a.m. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Monroe Pergram Jr.; assault 4th degree minor injury; ct 8- 31-04 at 10 a.m. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Tony Pergram Jr.; terroristic threat, 3rd degree; ct 8-31-04 at 10 a.m. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Romie N. Vanlandingham; speed 15 mph over (l/a); guilty plea: $30 and costs; no Ky reg plates; no/exp reg receipt; pro- duced and dismissed; no opera- tors license; guilty plea; sent defendant 90 p/s 2 years unless further violation. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. William Robert Lee Blackburn; rape 1st degree; xt conducted; p/c established; transfer to 5-20-04 Grand Jury; no bond reduction. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Rita Browning; flagrant non support; back c/s paid in full; amend to misd non support; guilty plea; 6 months p/s 2 years; terms: c/s to remain cur- rent; pay costs; nvl. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Martin Littleton; flagrant non support; amend to misd non supbort; guilty plea; 12 months p Ts; terms: ,1 tro within 60 days dfi/J'$350a month: waive costs; plea approved by complaining witness. Conmaonwealth of Kentucky vs. Earl Ray Pendleton; improp- er lane use/mv keep right; op mv u/infl ale/drug .08 l st; pos- session of marijuana; prescrip in improper contain; I st; failure to reg transfer; fail to produce ins card; motion to dismiss sus- tained; KSP charging officer did not initiate stop or observe defendant operating motor vehi- cle. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Anna Wilson Bretz; posses- sion of marijuana; use/possess drug paraphern I st; op mv u/infl ale/drug .08 lst; poss open alco'l bey cont'r in my; failure to reg transfer; no insurance; no Ky reg plates; improper reg plates: reset 7-27-04 at 10 a.m. for labs; attorney needs to be appt in re-arraignment. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Robert Ste Clarke; no insur- ance: op mv u/infl ale/drug .08 lst: labs pending; plea of not guilty; pretrial 8-3-04 at 10:30 a.m. Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Ashley Nicole Crouch; op mv u/infl-alc/drugs, .08 1st, agg; appt. Hen. Monica Hill; not We will buy or pick up Junk Vehicles : Wheels Radiators Converters or any other misc. loose parts Contact David Jackson 606-674-6795 416 Riddle Road News- The Bath County Thursday, a.m.guilty plea; pt 6-15-04 at 10 Police and Fire up,t t'e-a-'men" U Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Elden Ray Curtis Jr.; op mv  Weeks Ending May 16 u/infl alc/drug .08 lst; no Ky reg Owlngsvill Police Dept. Bath County Sheriff's complaint on Monday, iIay 10, Chief Office. BCSO plates; no/exp reg receipt; no insurance; reset 6-29-04 at 10 Ray Toy was dispatched to the .Monday, May 10, BCSO with KSP at a.m. for blood test; appt. attor- Bath County High School on a attempted to locate a runaway BCSO ney for re-arraingnment, complainL juvenile. BCSO assisted KSP escort to Mt. Commonwealth of Kentucky *Tuesday, May 11, Chief Ray with a DUI complaint, responded to a vs. Ronda You Bailey; op mv Toy was dispatched to a corn- .Tuesday, May 11, BCSO in Owingsville on u/infl alc/drug .08 lst; appt. plaint of a tractor trailer being responded to an AI complaint .Sunday, Hen. Monica Hill; not guilty stuck onUS 60 East. on Cherry Lane. BCSO responded plea; ct 5-25-04 at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 12, Chief responded to'an injury accident on Ky 36 Commonwealth of Kentucky Ray Toy attempted to locate a on US 60 E. BCSO responded ed to a vs. Shannon Gabriel Hoskins; drunk driver on Main Street. to complaint of four wheelers tions complaint on op mv u/infl ale/drugs .08 3rd: Officer John Sutherland was on Riddle Road. BCSO Road. BCSO not guilty plea; pt 6-29-04 at 10 dispatehad to two complaints of responded to a reckless driver complaint of a.m.; 30 days to answer discov- a reckless driver. Officer complaint in Salt Lick. Old State Road. ery requests; pre-trial revocation Suthcflamt talked to the subject. ,Wednesday, May 12, BCSO ed to a ordered; DUI 3rd. Officer Sutherland was dis- responded to a-noise complaint Sharpsburg. Commonwealth of Kentucky to a complaint on in Sharpsburg. to a complaint vs. Rodney A. Shields; harass- Avenue. - ,Thursday, May I3, BCSO racing, ing comm's; terroristic threat, May 13, Chief responded to a reckless driver 3rd degree; guilty plea; 90 days the Bath complaint in Salt Lick. BCSO Salt Lick in jail p/s 2 years; terms: no con- a com- responded to a noise complaint Department tact with victims or family, an unruly student, in Sharpsburg. BCSO respond- .Tuesday, May 1 I, Everman was ed to an accident on 1-64 at the SLVFD CIVIL DISTRICT of a Kendall Springs Bridge. accident on US 60 Mountainview Estates vs. reckless driver. Asst. Chief .Friday, May 14, BCSO ,Thursday, May Matthew Carpenter. Ewrman' arid Officer Carl responded to a suicide on a.m., SLVFD Legal Recoveries Inc. vs. Richardson checked Central Stepstone Road. BCSO responder run to James A. May. School and found a rear door responded to a terroristic threat- 2:05 a.m., emng complaint in Owingsville. search for CIRCUIT CIVIL May 14, Officer BCSO responded to a complaint and Stoney Cove. Misty Lee Dunn vs. Bennis talked to a subject of sheep in road on Ky 36 West. .Friday, May Ray Dunn. wreck. Asst. .Saturday, May 15, BCSO SLVFDmade a Credigy Receivables Inc. vs. and Officer responded to a reckless driver run to Christopher M. Calulot. a traffic stop complaint on 1-64. BCSO .Saturday, May Earnest Lyle Crouch Jr. vs. responded to an out of control a.m., SLVFD Heather Angel Alleman. juvenile complaint in Olympia, responder run to Judy C. Goldie vs. Nettie BCSO Mae Toy, et al. Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel, Connie Vanlandingham Want to vs. Tisha Fugate. Brenda J. Jackson vs. Roy Nelson Jackson. Amanda Watson vs. Daniel Watson. i  Connie Hurst vs. James Hurst. Countrywide Home Loans Inc. et al vs. Margaret Butcher, et al. Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel, Delores Perry vs. Harold Perry. " SMALL LAIMS Gina Ray Griffith vs. Joby  .... Brent Bailey. Robert Hunt vs. Smith Appliance Center and Wayne Little daredevil---Dustin Halbert, son of Rabon .... of Salt Lick, was out ridincl his dirt bike recently. Call ou, fld,ng it15 I,S rfiSt}er 6i Ch6j Lane, lust NOTICE OF FIDUCIARY sunshine. Halbert's bike is'ixed Owith a set BATH COUNTY wheels". He hopes to be ready to race by next year. DISTRICT COURT Outlook photo, Christy King). ESTATE: Elan W. Bartley EXECUTOR: Franklin H. NOW LOOKING FOR Bartley 5-11-04 Nancy K. 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