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June 27, 2013     Bath County News - Outlook
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June 27, 2013

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2 - June 27, 2013 Your Hometown Newspaper News Outlook Heaven Is A Lot Like By Charles Mattox "(Simon) Girly was the fla bearer, white flag, and when he went in he said hundre& of rifles were pointed at him. He told them if they did not surrender, they would all be hilled as the Indians were so "My father (Joseph Con- angry, he could not save them. way) and two others went out They surrendered... I heard about a mile and a half from him speak of (John) Hinkson Ruddle's Station reconnoiter- and how he frequently man- ing when my father was shot aged to getprisoners away." by a party of Indians and Interview with Sarah Girly wounded in the left side, and Munger, in Flemingsburg, was caught and tomahawked, Ky. Munger was a daughter breaking his skull and scalped of Simon Girly; the inter- and left for dead." view is located in volume Interview of Samuel Con- 20S page 200 of the Draper way, son of Joseph Conway. Manuscripts. Draper Manuscripts volume 24S pages 169-171. Joseph ~We were taken June 22, Conway survived and lived 1780 by Captain Henry many years. Byrd... My father (Patrick Mahan) was taken prisoner ~I first became acquainted (at Rgddle's Station) at the with Tecumseh at the age of twelve years, and being the same lime we were and car- ried to Detroit. He died there same age myself;, we became two weeks after he got there, inseparable companions - Te- All had the Sickness-the fever, cumseh was always remark- He traveled two days with his able from his boyhood up for two sons holding him under the dignity & rectitude of his the arms and helping him deportment. There was a cer- along. He begged us to leave tain something in his coun- him at several of the Indian tenance and manner that towns, but we feared if we left always commanded respect & him there, the Indians would at the same time made those kill him. It was very scary about him love him." times." Stephen Ruddle, a captive From Rev. John Shane's white prisoner from Ruddle's 1841 interview with Mrs. Station which was destroyed Wilson of Woodford County. in June 1780; on his assess- The interview is located in ment of his closest Shawnee The Draper Manuscripts and friend, Tecumseh. This ac- was later published in Vol. 16 count of Tecumseh is from of the Filson Club Historical Stephen Ruddle, procured Journal in 1941-42. by Maj. 1L Graham - Ruddle lived at the time, in Missouri - a man of great veracity, Benjamin Drake; From the Draper Manuscripts Volume 2YY. ~The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break; it hills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry." From Pulitzer Prize-win- ning writer Ernest Heming- way, from chapter 34 of his semi-autobiographical novel: "A Farewell to Arms". army. managed to escape into the The spring and summer The children of Ruddle's darkness. of 1780 had been exception-and Martin's Stations, par-There were no stars to ally wet and none of the new ticularly Ruddle's, were not guide the veteran woods- pioneer families who estab-so lucky, man but he dipped his hand fished stations in the Blue- British Officer Henry into water several times and grass were concerned about Byrd could not control the holding it aloft felt the direc- an invasion from the British undisciplined Native Ameri-tion from which the wind and Native Americans. can warriors and following was blowing-it almost always But the invasion came and the surrender of Ruddle's came from the west and he with it came death and de- Station a minor massacre immediately got his bear- struction, occurred and children were ings and was among the first And so I find myself think-separated from families, to warn other settlements ing again about the horrible Byrd became disgusted and of the invasion. He also was chain of events that hap- the invasion lost most of its able tip free other captives pened in June 1780, dear military cohesion with pris- as the invading army moved reader; thinking about the oners under British controlnorth. destruction of Martin's, Rud- starving and many in nativeSimon Kenton and Charles dle's and Grant's, Stations. hands killed outright or tot- Gaitliff were scouting and Martin's and Ruddle's was lured, also discovered the horrible never rebuilt. Grants was Infants who cried were situation. Galtlifflost his wife abandoned for several yearskilled instantly, and five children as a result and then rebuilt-sometimes The infant Johnnie Iail and they remained prisoner being called "The Burnt Sta- was tossed down a steep for over three years with one lion." incline and rolled to the child perishing during cap- Young Jacob Stucker and bottom without crying and tivity. some of his family had sur-thus was spared as a futureMany of the captives were vived the attack on Grant'swarrior along with his older released after three years- Station and Jacob would brother. Their mother Eve others were held by Native forever seek revenge on thewas also held many years inAmericans for 30 years, like Native American clans who Shawnee villages. Stephen and Isaac Ruddie- were responsible for killing Captain John Hinkston, children of Captain Ruddie. his parents and others dur-who had been the original Several children adopted ing the attack, builder of the structure that by Native American Tribes Jacob wouldn't let any of grew into Capt. Ruddle's became warriors and fought his siblings be captured. Station, was also captured-against Kentuckians in fu- He was a crack shot and but on the first night-withture years! defended the fort even as conditions being as wet as Many eventually returned it burned-keeping away the they were, the invaders hadback home to Kentucky. splinter group of warriors a hard time starting their Others were never heard who broke off from the mainevening fires and Hinkston from again. YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION OUR 2013 ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting is a great way to eat, meet & learn together! By Cecil Lawson I was looking forward to writing a column this week about being in the woods, but politics had to rear its ugly head. Ms toliow June 18, 2013, wasf6rwarded to me by my employer Tues- day afternoon. This letter re- fers to the current tumultuous state of the Menifee County Board of Education. The body of the anonymous letter reads as follows: I am writing to you as the principal owner~Operator of the Menifee News. I wish to communicate to my displea- sure with your current writer/ Editor Cecil Lawson. Mr. Lawson only writes a one sided article when it comes to any school related business or news. He is in C. Mitchell and Lori Franklin's pocket as they must approve any article pertaining to the schools. Lawson needs to write articles covering all sides ofthe issues. He has yet to speak of any of the board mem- bers in a positive light. This is unfair and poor journalism at best. Lawson writes solely from Franklin's point of view and that leaves many of us in our county with a poor impression of your paper. Please rectify this situation or I will be forced to discontinue my subscription and rely solely upon your com- petitor for local news. Mr. Lawson needs to just present the facts and allow the reader to form their own opin- ion of who is right and wrong. Just so you know, the superin- tendent of schools is currently under investigation from the Public Notice "l'be regular Salt Lick Council Meeting will be moved from July 2, 2013 to July 9, 2013. The meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. at the Salt Lick Fire Department. All citizens are invited to attend. Published in the Bath County News- Outlook 06.27.13. A set of stairs is proposed to be installed at 922 Cave Run Lake Road, Salt Lick, KY 40371, for recreational pur- poses. The Kentucky Division of Water requires that public notice be given of this action. Published in the Bath County News-Outlook 06.20.13 and 06.2Z13. LIEU OF A PROPER PERSONAL COLUMN THIS WEEK... school's main media contact - all schools have one - and Mitchell is, as far as I can still tell, the district's superinten- dent of schools. I don't submit articles to anyone for approval. I am my own boss in that respect. But I suspect you don't care about that, either. As for the board members not appearing in a positive light, all I can say is, if you don't want to look bad in the newspaper, then quit acting that way in public. It's not my job tdpalnt a pretty picture Of anybody. It's my job to hold up a mirror. As for you saying that I haven't mentioned the audit of the school's Disaster Re- fief account, I refer you to the Menifee County News Out- look for the weeks of March 28 and April 25. Nothing was brought up during the May or June regular meetings about the audit, but I am aware that the audit is still ongoing and is going to cost the school district thousands of dollars. I feel confident that state au- ditors will likely find nothing wrong with the account or the handling of the disaster relief funds. That is money that might have been used to hire back some of those 30 pink-sfipped personnel, but I suspect you don't care about that, either. Let me tell you what I think. You, like certain other peo- ple in the school district, don't want me to report what really happens at Menifee County's auditor's office and just may be facing some heavy sanctions or even removal. Lawson has not mentioned any of this news. How will this look on your pa- per if this audit comes back and people are terminated? Its commonly known in Menifee that this audit is underway. I can only guess how this will ef- fect your publication. Again, please stop this tactic by Mr. Lawson. I'm afraid your paper will suffer if he doesn't stop. Sincerely, a c ce,n:d Rea, r, fo:.ow Well, concerned Reader, I'm not sure exactly how to respond to this. But I'm going to try. Concerned Reader, I do presents the facts of what happens at each school board meeting. Why would I bother to spend 4 to 6 hours each month, sitting on uncomfort- able gym bleachers, and tak- ing notes by longhand, then spending another 2 to 6 hours the following day trying to write up what happened? If I only wanted to present one side of things, I certainly wouldn't have to work as hard as I do, and maybe only half as hard. But I suspect you don't care how hard I work. I also suspect that you don't care for Supt. Charles Mitch- eli or Mrs. Franklin, other- wise you wouldn't accuse me of being tainted by any asso- ciation with them. The problem with your argument is, Franklin is the When an apple a day isn't enough, call the Physician Referral Line Matching you to the right physician at the right time is our specialty. Call today-- CASH on ANYTHING of Value! DJP loans cash on LARGE ITEMS our competitors can't handle! Bulldozers, Tractor Trailers, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, 4-wheelers, Farm Equipment If you need Cash, and a lot of it, bring your large items to Dan's and get the Cash you Want and the Respect You Deserve! "ust PAY MOREl school board meetings. It's News and its ilk have spoiled ployer's attention. I do sup- the same mentality that drives you with partisan reporting port the free expression of some people to push to get dressed up as fact. opinion. rid of the video-taping of the I dealt with the same thing And I certainly appreciate meetings, when I was coveting the Bath you wasting my time, accus- Or else, you want me to County School Board in 2011 ing me of things that aren't present a distorted version and 2012. Because I didn'ttrue. of what happens, where Supt kowtow to certain people'sAs for finding out anything Mitchell always looks bad and expectations, I was alwaysabout the school board, or any the actions of certain board viewed as defending Supt. other public meeting, in the members always looks good. Nancy Hutchinson prior to her competing newspaper, good I don't think you know stepping down. I could never luck. But I suspect that's just what objectivity is, and I don't suit those certain people,fine with you. think you truly care what fac- I do appreciate you bring-I'll be writing about the tual reporting looks like. Fox ing your concerns to my em- woods next week. BROADBAND .... ,, GIVES US ALL A REASON TO SEE A BRIGHTER FUTURE. Registration, Entertainment and Dinner 5:00 to 6:15 pm Door Prizes and Drawings/6:15 pm Business Meeting/6:30 More Door Prizes Following the Annual Meeting MOUNTRIN Ti='LI PHONI= TW xx "" "://" 7/ Telephone Your Rural Cooperative