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August 7, 2003     Bath County News - Outlook
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August 7, 2003

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iig31iiilRiiiiiii!iiii Hostile Work Environments A Fayette Circuit Court jury recently awarded an African American man $55,001 against the former owner of the Campbell House Inn for allowing a hostile work environment to exist. The jury's award Was $1 for actual damages and $55,000 for punitive damages. According to newspaper reports, the man worked in the kitchen and brought food to the waitresses for delivery to patrons of the restaurant. A waitress called him the N-word, and told him to get his "black a_ _" into the kitchen last year. The next day the man went to the owner to complain and was told that since blacks call whites "honky" and "whitey", whites should not be reprimanded for returning similar insults. The jury found that the employee had to endure a hostile work environment on account of his race. Although the man also claimed he was fired, the jury did not reach that conclusion. Nevertheless, it awarded damages due to the lax attitude of the employer toward racial slurs on the job. Under both Kentucky and federal law, employers have an obligation to insure that their employees are not subjected to threats, harassment or humiliation which discriminates against them based on race, sex, color, religion, disability or age. Employers are liable if they are aware of the harassment, or should have been aware, and fail to implement prompt and appropriate corrective action. Racial slurs in and of themselves do not necessarily give way to a lawsuit for discrimination. The Supreme Court has said that remarks of fellow employees which are insensitive or inappropriate must often be lived with by all members of society. However, when the remarks are allowed to continue and interfere with an employee's ability to perform his or her job, they can become subject to a lawsuit. Ultimately, it is up to a jury to determine whether a situation has crossed the line and to what extent an employer is liable. In this case, it was obvious that the employer's attitude toward the employee's complaints was a major factor in the case. In fact, even the employer's attorney was insensitive to the situation, arguing to the jury that if tappers could use the N- word without repercussion, others should also be able to. Had the employer been more sensitive to the employee's complaints and situation, the case would never have gone this far. It is very unlikely the suit would have even been filed if the employer had reprimanded or warned the waitress to refrain from racial insults. When an employee's supervisor acts in this manner, a number of factors enter into whether the employer can be held responsible. The amount of control of the supervisor as well as the actions of the employer to monitor work conditions are major considerations. Also important is whether the employer has adopted policies against harassment or intimidation, and whether there are mechanisms in place to address employee complaints. In the Campbell House Inn case, the jury obviously found that the employee had not actually shown an.y objective damages such medical expenses,, lost wages, or the like. Nevertheless, it awarded punitive damages. This is permissible under law in order to punish the employer for his actions or failure to act, and to warn other employers of the same. Employers should thus beware for they have an obligation under the law to insure their employees are not subjected to intimidation, humiliation, or harassment by either supervisors or fellow employees. The Campbell House Inn has learned. Sports is still an important and integral part of education as we look forward to the Next week, Bath County Schools will reopen for the fall 2003-20(M school year. We can only hope that students, faculty, parents and school adminis- trators, can look forward to a new year, with sensible leadership, opti- mism, and unbiased opinions in which to lead them into a new chap- ter in school history. With a great deal of turmoil in schools these days, both financially and politically, it is crucial that deci- sions are financially feasible and do not come at the detriment of other critical programs. At best, it is a high-wire balancing act that requires school financiers to stay on their toes to commit only to realistic invest- ments that have shown proven rLlrns. There are many programs in our current curriculum that need atten- tion and funding. Certainly academ- ics have to be a top priority. But other programs often prove to create a career for students that can pay their way to a college or university. Athletics are never as important to anyone as the parents who have stu- dents who are compelled to play sports. And athletics often provide the motivation to keep youths inter- ested in school. It has been way too long since Bath County has made a name for itself in any particular sports pro- gram. In the next several years, a genera- tion of young athletes will be step- ping up to the high school level, that are a bit more skilled as the result of involvement at some very early ages. As parents, we must encourage these young athletes to excel and teach them to accept nothing but the highest levels of achievement. As a relatively small school, we have come to expect to fall prey to many larger schools with numerous talented athletes. It is possible to compete with these schools if we as parents, coaches and fans, show our support and insist we have the same tools as other schools, to make our programs competitive. Currently, there, are numerous coaching positions vacant school- wide. Regardless of how or why this has come about, it provides us with an opporttmity to start with a dean slate and insist that the foundation for progressive athletic programs get underway so that our children can be a part of a thriving system that instills sportsmanship, teamwork, and achievement, regardless of the various obstacles along the way. We owe this to our kids. As parents, we have attended countless games where we have been unable to compete with other schools. As disheartening as it is to parents, it is even more discouraging for our children to suffer embarass- ing losses over and over. Granted, winning is not every- thing, but we have to provide our youths with the training and confi- dence to be successful which are the same essentials for success in life. Having traveled to many otlmr schools in and around the area, we have also witnessed the importance of exhibiting good sportsmanship. It is often difficult to get a fair shake from officials when we are not on our home court or field. Heck, we have seen poor officiating at home games as well, but having witnessed coaches throw fits and tantmwa at various games, we have seen how iportant it is that our own children am taught to be good sportsmen. We all realize that not all games will have the desired outcome, but it is still crucial that we behave like ladies and gentlemen. letic  are fact, many have Still, we are ingredients to programs. Sometimes is to start a several star to lead the team, coach who knows how most from his attainable for our the work, play fairly, everything we have. In academic dents have stood with often prevailed. There is no reason w same ou the court, a track or tennis coua. A new ers is coming forth as the ranks as may set by their classes. Let's at least with the e and direction to face lenges of the future them prepared in lives as they ents like us, interested in for their children's sucos$. For the birds bathing . . . . . . Winter and great white It has always been my contention that bathing in the --RMn nylon industry, the Vectra thing sounds great. I t winter was for the birds and now I have support from the most authoritative gentleman, Doc Brady, who writes a daily column for newspapers. Nature secretes its own skin conditioner called sebum, which lubricates your hide and keeps it from cracking. Warm water and soap removes this sebum, leaving the skin dry and unprotected. And this leads to winter itch. And that's what you get from being too danged clean in the wintertime. If'n you're brave enough to face the all-winter itch and insist in soaking your hide in a bathtub, you can give yourself a lube job afterwards with sesame oil, lanolin or even cold cream and maybe stay one scratch ahead of this irritation. There was a time when a smell went a long way. You could tell a farmer, blacksmith, butcher or baker in one short whiff. But deodorants have changed all that. Now only the most uncouth carry the odor of their profession with them. Anyone can afford an aerosol can of high- powered lilac juice and a couple of squirts can transform anyone from the barnyard to the tearoom without going near a waterspout. In the county where I was raised, one mother "sewed in" her kids for the winter and they didn't get any winter itch or stufflike that. It's true, by early spring the children gota mite overripe and it took some fortitude to stay next to them when you didn't have a bad cold. But they got through the winter without an oil change and probably were just as healthy as the rest of us who got a bath once in a while. Like I said, winter bathing is for the birds, because they can do it in Florida. RM And we thought we were having troubles until we read where a Washington newspaper, instead of inserting a want ad in the "Situation Wanted" classified section by a woman seeking employment, inserted it under the "Breed- ers" section. Changing Times magazine has come up with some shocking figures. It says to raise a child to age 18, it costs the average middle class city family $35,000. The price tag for raising a child to age 18 runs around $12,000 for a family with very modest standard of living, and as high as $65,000 or more for a pampered, upper bracket urbanite. A comfortable off farm family might spend around $20,000. Whewl First thing right off, I'm out of the "pampered" or the middle class kid raising departments, but even the so called "very modest" standard of living" makes me shiver in my boots. Those lollipops sure do run into money. Only thing wrong with the article, it came out 20 years too late to help me. nRM-- Show me an average husband and I'll show you a fellow who has heard the anguished cry, "Oh, I've mined my nylons" a blue million times. But he can take hope. That may well be a vanishing cry of pain from the women people. A sheer synthetic fiber, called Vectra, promises no run and no snag and is said to make a trim ankle just as attractive as any nylon, even though it contains qualities used in tarpaulins and outdoor carpeting. Nylons hit the market just prior to World War II and just in time to become a hot item on the black market when supplies became limited. And now no self-respecting lady would go to a hog killing without her nylons on. As a docile husband who has invested his share in the waiting a spell until the company gets the runners out of their products. RM A crew of great white hunters, led by Henry; returning from a bird hunting safari into County when Henry began telling to prepare the game they had bagged--one feeble to fly higher than a sassafras bush. "Now, I read what ones outdoorsman said about' wild game." Henry told the boys. "He clair# average American housewife doesn't know game so's it is fitten for a dog to eat." Wild game ought to hang outside a "cool out" days before you begin fixing it, Henry went ott shooting buddies. Deer should be gutted but but birds should be hung up whole and three days. Then the birds should be 1 -and dressed for the pan. They all agreed that hanging up the of cooling might work, but none of them to pull any plug's out of a bird's craw after it that long. So I guess none of those -are ever going to know what aged grouse Most of us like a little age on our Bourbon, furniture, but prefer a little freshness in our and woods groceries. -RM- The female crocodile lays 3,000 eggs arid crocodile eats 2,999 of them. Maybe this choice tidbit of useless shake you up too much, but you have to wasn't for the male crocodile, we'd be up in our crocodiles. -RM- "The real destroyer of the liberties of the: spreads among them bounties, donations, Who said this? A fellow named Plato more years ago. Onward, Upward.