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November 13, 2014     Bath County News - Outlook
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November 13, 2014

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6- November 13,. 2014 Your Hometown Newspaper News Outlook , ,, i , i hi, , , I Church Services Direct0 y History History is a wonderful study. I did not always believe that, in fact I day- dreamed a lot in my histo- ry classes in school. But a few weeks ago I asked the members of the church to "forget the Bible for a mo- ment and tell me what you can know about Jesus". Consider history and Je- sus with me. Cornelius Tacitus, known as the greatest Ro- man historian, wrote in his "Annals and Histories", about 115 AD, "...Nero fastened the guilt and in- By Alton Norman - Owingsville Church of Christ 5410 E. Hwy. 60 East, Owingsville 606-261-9263 flicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name gets its or- igin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hand of one during the time when Ti- berius was emperor of Rome and Pontius Pilate was procurator. 3. You can know how Jesus died. It was "the ex- treme penalty" inflicted on people during that time... crucifixion. 4. And with a little more digging you can find the place where Jesus was crucified because Pilate was the procurator of Ju- dea. 5. You can know that Jesus Christ is the one who established this group of people called "Christians". 6. You can know that the followers of Jesus suf- fered persecution duril g that time. Tacitus is not alone. Plinius Secundus, gov- ernor of Bithynia wrote about Jesus in 112 AD. Suetonius, a court official for the emperor Hardin also mentions jesus. The Jewish Talmud mentions Jesus over 80 times. And the Jewish historian jose- phus even mentions the resurrection of Jesus. History confirms Jesus; the Bible furnishes the de- tails of His life. Thank you for reason- ing with me. of our procurators, Pontius Pilate" (15:44). What can you know about Jesus Christ from this one quotatiofi? 1. You can know that Jesus really lived. He is not a mythological charac- ter. 2. You can know when Jesus lived. It was kl y News 0 Hawkins- Adam, Michele, Clay, and Will Hawkins - Josh, Amy, and Delanie Konopka - Walter and Virginia Hawkins - Jamie, Denise, Ethan, and Madi- son Hawkins - Josh and Amanda Hawkins - Kayla and Kevin Hawkins and Gabby Bailey. Tuesday supper guest of Roy and Lena Fultz Were Jamie, Paula, and Jamie Michelle Blackwell and Tori Sorrell. By: Lena Fultz chelle Blackwell. A dinner was held Sun- The youth rally at the day at the old Fultz home Oakley Church Sunday place. Attending were: night was well attended Roy and Lena Fultz -Ja- with several churches rep- mie, Paula, and Jamie resented there. Michelle Blackwell - --.Gabby Bailey spent the Virgil and Wanda Spur- weekend with Jamie Mi- lock- Randy and Rhonda gakeview 6ommuni ,y Church News ! By BettyJoAllen Chester Calvert is our with fish, fries, baked dressing and file usu What a blessed day t'he oldest vet. He is 94; he beans, hushpuppies, and sides. All senior adults are congregation at Lakeview c sgved in WWII and was had last Sunday. We were a hlghJy decorated hero. slaw. welcome, n[ Then they could hard- Eight of our youth a d ly wait to get to the two their directors attended tables full of the best des- Youth Retreat last Friday erts that you could find and Saturday. They met at anywhere. Best of all was the Burning Fork Church i the fellowship that people in Salyersville where Ed- had as they visited with die and Susan Dennison 01d friends and made new pastor. They traveled to ones. There were people Jenny Wiley State Park present from Bath, Rowan, where they stayed over- Fleming, Morgan, Mont-night in cabins. It is great gomery, and Menifee to see our kids having Counties. times of real spiritual en- ' /oung At Heart" willrichment and lots of good meet this Friday at 6:00 for Christian Fun. their, monthly,: fellowship Have a great week. time. The menu is Turkey; so happy to have elevenUpon ling his story Veterans here for a special all agreed tliat, he should Veteran's Day Celebration. become a Kentu l Colo- You may be able to see a nel, with which lle was picture of these wonderful honored Sunday morning. fellows on Facebook Our heartfelt thanks to ev- All the congregationery Veteran and to the ser- songs were Patriotic. Our vice men and women serv- boys and girls from Chil- ing presently. God bless dren's Church sang and them everyone. did the actions to "I'm In We want to thank ev- the Lord's Army." Kaiflyn eryone who came to the McKenzie led theft. Men's Fellowship Fall Fish Each of the VeteransFry last Friday. Everyone r, ecei e :; a: :.tok 9ur. enjoyed the great "All you love and appreciation, could eat buffet" loaded I asked my nearby some factory setting. The, neighbor who is dose to computer took a lot of typ- my many yeatrs of age, ing secretaries out of jobs. what had halppened to Now a modern day dairy the numerous jobs that farm can milk to cows by we did on a farm when the hundreds whereas it we were young. I want to was quite a chore to milk quasi-quote his answer 10-12 cows by hand milk- and devote the interesting ing 50 years ago. I could go answers to his knowledge on and on and sometimes as he had been associated I wish that I had some of with factories and with these jobs left s6 as to give farms, so I will give him people jobs as we hear that credit for knowing more word daily. I just observed about the subject than my- the interstate 1-64 yester- self. day and I concluded that He gave four topics and almost all companies use he gave industrialization, the "government high- modernization, mechani- ways" to move and sell zafion, and chemicals. He their products and I also gave many examples of arrived at a reasonable each but I will just try to answer that governments interject a few of those ex- do create jobs. Even the amples to keep the story USPS, FEDEX, and the short. We used to pick off United Parcel Service potato bugs and tobacco make considerable use worms by hand, but now of the government high- we would use Chemicals. ways. Salesmen and truck We used to do numerous drivers use the highways. jobs with small tools such Tourism causes people to as a pitchfork and sho cel, use the highways. I think but now a very large dozer that I could give more can replace or move as if anyone needs to hear much dirt as perhaps 00 more for an end of proo men in one day in a day God bless all. of work. A robot can do Respectfully submitted, the work of several men Emery Vernon G odpas- in the same time frame in ter Tenth I 930 Carmago Road, Mt. Sterling Ph (859) 497-2518 11ckeh for 3-D v.qll be an addalonal .~..50 ~ the established ltcket ~e SHOW'rIMES FOR November 14 - PG-13 Ouija 1:30, 4:30, 7:00, 9:55 R John Wick 1:10, 4:10, 7:15, 9:50 PG-13 PG-13 Dumb and Dumber To Intersteller 1:40, 4:35, 7:20, 9:55 12:50, 1:45, 4:25, 6:00, 7:55, 9:30 PG-13 PG Best of Me Big Hero 6 1:05, 4:05, 7:25, 10:00 1:15, 4:15, 7:10, 9:40 PG Big Hero 6 3D Times: 4:15, 9:40 variety meat go overseas. The checkoff dollars colo On November 20, 2014, lected are directly resp0n- beef producers of Ken- sible for promotion of tucky will have an op- these products in foreign portunity to vote on the countries. Kentucky Beef Checkoff, Our Beef Quality Assur- which will, if passed, col- ance Program came into lect another dollar each existence through the time a bovine animal is checkoff program. This sold. Our present nation- program has allowed us wide checkoff was passed to produce a better, more in 1988. That dollar is now consistent product with worth less than half of that fewer lesions on high value in today's market, priced cuts and better The mission of the check- ways of handling animals, off was and continues to be creating less stress on ev: the promotion, education eryone involved. and research in marketing The beef industry is a beef. None of this checkoff team effort. Everybody money' is used for lobby- plays an important role in ing or political purposes, the chain from producer to A study done b3/ Cornell consumer. Supporting the University estimated that beef checkoff means sup- for every checkoff dollar porting funding for beef spent, there is an $11 re- promotion, research, edu- turn in some way. cation, while expanding The cattle market is cer- current beef promotion tainly uncharted waters successes. This is not a when it comes to prices, government program. Eli- Whether it is due to prices gible Producers may vote or changes in dietary hob- in the referendum by hal- its, beef consumption is lot at your local Coopera- down. Twenty years ago five Extension Office on the average was 84 pounds November 20 from 8a.m of beef per person corn- to 6p.m. If the referendum pared to approximately passes and you still do not 51 pounds per person per agree with the program, year. Consumers are vot- you can request a refund ing with their pocketbooks of checkoff dollars within when it comes to protein 30 days of the collection of sources. If we, as produc- money. ers, do not effectively and As producers of beef, we accurately promote our must take an active role in product, someone else will telling our story and pro- do it for us in a negative moting our product. Sup- way. porting the Kentucky Beef The export market has Checkoff means directly been a real plus for cattle impacting initiatives and l producers. For every programs that affect the I bovine harvested in the beef industry. Vote on No- United States, $275is cred- vember 20. ited to the export market. Robert M. Bach Items such as heart, fiver, Bath Co. Beef Producer tongue, hides and other * r Gubscribe +o /our local news! Call 606-6-Tq--999q- +oda . Early Showings for Thursday Nov. 1 3th Dunlb and Dutnber To (h:; 8:05 91 Abounding Grace Assembly of God Banker St., Owingsville Was Crouch, Pastor Abundance of Rain Church 5367 E: Hwy. 60. Salt Lick Wayne Gifford, Minister Aguas Tranquilas Centro de Adoracion/ Still Waters Worship Center 177 Jackson Cemetary Road, Owingsville Keith Willoughby Bath County First Apostolic Chicrch 1226 McCarty Branch Rd Salt Lick, Ky. 40361 Pastor Daniel Flanery 606-683-2063 Oakla First Church of God 215 Old Oakley Road, !~ Owingsville Randy Hawkins Olympia Church of God 5583 East Hvq. 36, Olympia Greg Crouch, Pastor Ore Mines Church of God 5343 East Hwy. 60, Owiny~:~ville Damon Byrd Owingsville Baptist Church 92 Coyle Street, Owingsville Chris Bailey, Minister Owingsville Church of Christ 5410 Highway 60 East Alton Norman, Minister Bailey's Chapel Christian Church 2429 Water-Dell Road, Owingsville Ryan Utterback, Minister Owingsville First Christian Church 11 East Main St., Owingsville Anthony Anderson, Minister Sean Bailey, Youth Minister Bethel Christian Church 518 Bethel Ridge Road, Bethel Glenn Davis, Minister Bethel United Methodist 142 Bethel School Lane, Bethel Ron Hill, Minister Blevins VaUey Christian Church ! 418 Blevins Valley Road, Owingsville Russell Ingram, Minister Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Hwy. 36, OwingsviUe Bishop Seth Green City of Refuge, Full Gospel Church 39 Sour Spring Road, Olympia Mike Mtmday, Minister Cornerstone Baptist Church 36 Cherry Lane, Salt Lick J ayson M inix, Minister East Fork Church of God 4428 East Fork Road, Owingsville Billy Harmon, Minister Fairview Chrlstian'Church, 3064 South Hwy. 11, Sharpsburg Morgan Gilty, Minister Fellowship Tabernacle 586 Main Street, Sharpsburg Gary Robinson, Minister Grace Gospel Church 767 Main Street, Sharpsburg Billy Noble, Minister Grace Gospel Tabernacle 91 Wyoming Road, Owingsville Steve Meadows, Minister Greater First Baptist Church 247 Montgomery St., Sharpsburg Tony L. Weathers, Pastor Hedrick Community Church 5308 Old Sand Road, Salt Lick Randall Jackson, Minister House of Prayer 600 Whispering Oaks, Morehead, offHwy. 801 Winston McClurg, Pastor Kendall Springs Church of Christ 3072 Kendall Springs, OwingsviUe David AIford, Minister Lakeview Community Church ;41 Cave Run Lake Rd., Salt Lick James Allen, Minister Midland Fi t Church of God 11479 Easy Hwy. 60, Salt Lick Bush Stevenso/1, Pastor Moore's Ferry Christian Church 2396 Moore's Ferry Rd., Salt Lick Willard Johnson, Minister Morning Star Baptist Church 161 Harrisburg Ave., Owingsville Eric King, Minister Mud Lick Church of God 9067 East Hwy. 36, Olympia Mark Caldwell, Minister New Life Fellowship 907 Forge Hill Road, Owingsville Jamie Stump Minister Nortliside Church of God 1086 West Hwy. 36, Owingsviile Jim Crouch, Minister OwingsviUe First Church of God 320 Slate Ave., OwingsviUe Lowell Rice, Minister 75 Owingsville United Methodist Church West Main St., Owingsville Ron Hill, Minister Pebble Church of God (Cleveland Assembtv) 4857 Oakley Pebble Road, Owingsville Franklin Rose, Pastor Peeled Oak Christian Church Location Address: 2592 Peeled Oak Road, Owingsville Mailing Address: 6275 Howards Mill Road, Mt. Sterling KY 40353 Charles McGuire, Minister PoiksviUe Church of God 6275 East Hwy. 60, Salt Lick Ralph White, Minister Preston First Church of God 7184 Preston Rd, Owingsville Terry Frerichs Reynoldsville Christian Church 943 East Fork Road, Sharpsburg Doug Routt, Pastor SL Paul CM.E. Church 13 High Street, Owingsville Vincent Farris Salt Lick Christian Church 109 Church Street, Salt Lick Calvin Lindell, Minister Salt Lick First Church of God 412 Main Street, Salt Lick Vernon Lambert, Minister Salt Lick Free Will Baptist Church 3 Water Street, Salt Lick Andy Lands S~ Julie's Catholic Church 77 East Main Street, Owingsville Father Paul Prabell Bill Grimes, Deacon Sharpsburg Baptist Church 575 Main Street, Sharpsburg Frank Goss, Pastor Sharpsburg Christian Church 241 Main Street, Sharpsburg Patrick Bromagen, Minister Sharpsburg Worship Center " 468 Main Street, Sharpsburg James Allen, Minister Slate Valley Christian Church 2563 Wyoming Road, Owingsville Gregg WhiR, Minister Springfield Church 3569 Springfield Rd., Sharpsburg Cameron Reynolds, Minister Stulltown Community Church 10219 Stulltown Road, Preston Les lngram, Minister Sugar Grove Christian Church 3841 N. Stepstone Road, Owingsville Francis Nash, Minister Tunnel Hill Church of God 1215 W. Tunnel Hill Road, Owingsville Sherman Sparks, Minister Upper Salt Lick Church of Christ 5385 South Hw7. 211, Salt Lick Rezda McNabb, Minister 6927 Ftctory Chapel Veterans Memorial Highway, Sharpsburg Kevin Miles, Pastor White Oak Christian Church 2606 White Oak Road, Owingsville Ron Weaver, Minister Young 's Valley Community Church 3559 S. Hwy. 211, Salt Lick Vernon Gross, Pastor