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Owingsville, Kentucky
November 28, 2002     Bath County News - Outlook
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November 28, 2002

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:)ural Amcricana THE BATH COUNTY NEWS-OUTLOOK Owingsville, Ky.--Week of November 28- December 5, 2002 13 -- their experience, knowledge, General ::::::::::: ::: : :  :: ?:::::::;::;,:: ;:. ::::::::;::,:::?::: ::.:;: time, and love to those who need Do not use water on an electrical i:::)i: ::::! them most. Consider joining your fire. local Kiwanis club and enjoy the Unplug all holiday decorative experience of meeting new people lights before you leave the house or and helping other members of your go to bed. county. If you would like to join Kentucky Utilities Company, ::):::;:y::Noq!!itgii;!iiiii!ii:iOirformed Kiwanis, you may contact any Ki- based in Lexington, is committed to :Ny Tdyie at;fei':Td!!ii i i0!!:ii[N ili::ndm wanis member, or attend one of their serving communities by producing i:Tdfi:tt:to lot::anti i:::[:dhi!iiiii!i!!i;[:ii;::::!i:):: :: ::;::: meetings. Their meetings are held reliable, low-priced electric energy !ili:ir:Tiii:i ii!:iiiiii::ii!!iliii:.2;Chie:f on the second and fourth Monday of to more than one-half million cus-  iat Tfi hd :09niiiil iiii:.a[i:a dmeslic in each month, at 6 p.m., at the Kountry tomers in 77 Kentucky counties and :: ::dr 'Wt, s :van::.hdi::. !!!!ii!:i:.Highiiif ::Y,:Of- Kettle, in Owingsville. five counties in southwestern Vir- ::icaSes;:ior a.DUi::aiid;aait!fi;:iili!!ei:v!!ii;:d:.: D The next scheddled meeting is ginia. KU is subsidiary of LG&E :::;Ofi Efh;);iffiifi;iiii!ii!i!ittNpfal[0 n Monday, December 9. But, that will Energy Corp., headquartered in Lou- :,::Stisid: 6it:imdiis isii!;::i::ii;i!i!;}Wi.if[f;Eerrnan: at- be spent "caroling" at the thrfie local isville. LG&E Energy is part of the ::!::: :::iWdnedayiiN0em!20O[i:::!!:::[iiiiarii!ih!6d! pei'Son :in nursing homes. The caroling will be E.ONAGgroupofcompanies.E.ON i,fie:Evermanreied:mp!fi:iiiilMii:aiei::Offlcer followed by a chili supper at the AG is headquartered in Dusseldorf, !:of:a-dirdefly pefsbnlnMounN:::!:iliEgfiiiriedi::i0ud Vehicle home of Esther and Arnold Stacy. Germany. : iew: EStates;: fieet Efmn i;: i:i[hmp!ifiii!0n;iWest.Mn Street; i: d a 3 D i:bnState Avenue !  :3ii::i !0fiiEii investigated two :. WOrd:.:twocageS for haraSsttt ::; t::ident::on: i-64,: vehicle Decorate for the Hanks and James holidays, but KU join Central Bank says do it safely Cenu:alBankChairman,President The holiday decorating season is and CEO, Luther Denton, Jr., has :ip!aint:onSuddith:Avenuei:w.mte.a::;Ow|vLlleoLFireDei!t" : here and lots of electric lights and announced the appointment of Mar- : ................. .............................................................. ')N0forrecklessdriingande: i:::: ,:ay,NOyember23,3a,m,, decorations will be hung with care. cus P. Hanks, as Mortgage Loan ::threc:ffic:stops: ::::i :: ::::i::i:::) ::i:AS!$tFiChiefRobKiskaden }hey for the Heart Walk--Monday night, after the With that in mind, people can make Officer. He will be serving at the tr Kiwanis meeting and board meeting, at the Kountry Kettle, their holidays safer and more enjoy- downtown Nicholasville office. :grTotinysiigald ac0mp!aintftom : 'Swedareqst:fr0m SLVFD for tis member Mary Linda Copher presented a check to EMS able by first taking some safety pre- Hanks joins Central Bank, bring- i :adys 8P;:Offieer Tout atmptdi::': (muiuai::id.oi ::;tructure fire on .'tor Donna damison. The money is for this year's Heart Walk, cautions. Here are some tips on ing 20 years of banking experience :;;t6 ;lte a drunk driver at Dairy : lineGr0VeRad;:the OVFD was electrical safety from Kentucky Util- with him. A Frankfort native, Hanks ored by the EMS Service of Bath County. Donna was also the :;:efiil/i i.i: i: :ii : :i:: :.i ' i ):: ::::.:i:enli::te.  :: ::: : lspeakerMondaynight.(News-Outlookphoto, Harry D. Patrick) ities Company (KU). graduated from Franklin County : ::iFfiYi:: NPyemh22 Oer S$buVO],Fire Dept. Christmas Trees : High School and Georgetown Col- .TOut;:.! ; a  d ati:..:.;:.::il.;.::Batalhgn?hef Wdhan Locate the tree away from heat lege, receiving a Bachlelor of Sci- ;:igil!ei!iBnch:Bi::iOffir:i::;!em!iirOti:lhat:::hix depart, tat is Kiwanis? and spiritual, rather than to the mate- sources that could dry it out, such as ence Degree in Business Adminis- iford:ii(dmn:ift:!.t!aio:iiityfoitheweek. : rial values of life. heating ducts, radiators, the fireplace tration. :iliSt!inestd:::9ii::( :iSii!Lik,ol::i Dept. : : lary Linda Copher To encourage the daily living of or the television. Hanks' day-to-day activities will :[:!!i!pi!B::i!!ffi!i!i !:!:i:::i ?:hti.iNoeinr 21 :@32 anis is a world-wide service the Golden Rule in all human rela- Keep the tree stand filled with include working with potential and :: i'/: fid :K:,:hel!:iai':fo: i ::::p',i!:;::iiMefiBnFrizzell re ationofindividualswhowant tionships, waterandpreservativetopreventthe existing clients, realtors and build- hk  S,h Sig:Aeaiof:, :::ia:i:i!iiapm. a a ve their communities. They To promote the adoption and the tree from drying out. ers, throughout Central Kentucky. iii!N!i it!:Diii:iiiiifidiiin:i:!o::: Adams that they achieve things as a application of higher social, busi- olfyouuseanartificialtree, choose Hanks and his wife, Fawn, have , that they cannot do as indi- hess, and professional standards, one that's fire-resistant, three children: Hunter; Holly; and iiiiiiiiiii:i:ii:!ii!!i :iii:ii!i:i:ii!!)iif:!!!i:)iii:ii!!!:iiiiii:iiii!::iigii0yemr 23, 3:09 Is. They attend meetings for To develop, by precept and ex- Never string electric lights on a Luke, and they live in Lexington. ii!iliiiiiiiidi!H'i!0ii!i!iiii,!i!iii!i!if :.4 Pine ship and inspiration. They per- ample, a more intelligent, aggres- metal tree. Earl C. James has been appointed !!iiiiii!iifi:iii!ii!ii!tib!iding wih Voluntary community service sive, and serviceable citizenship. Decorations and Indoor Light- tot he office of Loan Review Officer. !i!ii'y!!i!hfpfdi!iii!!iIr!`zixacr and Ih committees, usually after To provide, through Kiwanis ing James joins Central Bank, bring- :liii/fiii!:'' .', ., .... . ..  ,"'!i.li !: g:""!: ffhendise0v," .......... . Kiwanis is neither a social clubs, a practical means to form en- Check for damaged insulation, ing 13.5 years of financial service ii ..................... lil':;'"' ...........  .... '"': .......... . 0iflatI i! ........... " ' ....................... '.i .g":!y""': I ........... tldentresulted" ":" ............ m" ra secret or political society, during friendships, to render unself- , cracked sockets, and bare wires, experience. His day-to-day duties '"': ....... ii!ii,> ::',", i,,:, i. :. : ,,;:,,  !,.., i ","ii,%(.:,';:i;(; !I i  ' ' .. lt does Kiwanis do? ish service, and to build better corn- Never overload circuits or ex- will include reviewing the bank's ;/!!..,N[ !,!e g;.l,ii;!rl; !I;l!i!:ll,,',l::i,ii!:!! '., :. rforms services beyond the munities, tension cords. Follow the manufac- commercial loan portfolio.  .... " .... i ility of the individual: assis- To cooperate in creating and turer'sguidelinesforthenumberand A Lexington native, he is a grad- [ ''r$ 'O '[1 ['OF 1 [OH4 I to the aging, the needy, and to maintaining sound public opinion typeoflightstringsthatcanbelinked uate of Lafayette High School and .' ; improvement of communi- and high idealism, which make pos- together safely. Eastern Kentucky University, receiv- ed enc gement of interna- sine the increase of righteousness, Do not run cords under rugs, ingaBachelorofBusinessAdminis- understanding, justice, patriotism, and good will. through doorways, around sharp cor- tration Degree in Accounting. io can join? The purpose ners or over radiators or pipes. An active member of the commu- lividua of good standing in Service to the youth and the elder- Locate cords where they won't nity,JamesisamemberoftheBroad- lmunity are invited to join ly,to the community, and the nation, create a tripping hazard, way Christian Church, serving as a cal Kiwanis club. The cost is The name Connect decorative lights to youth sponsor and a member of the nsideringthetremendoussat- The name "Kiwanis" stems from multi-outlet power strips that con- Finance Committee and General ion that you feel from being a an Indian phrase which, roughly tain their own breakers. Board. He lives in Lexington.. is me r. Yourdues may be translated, means "to express one's Outdoors tuarterly, self'. Use only decorations made spe- Moving? I objectsofKiwanis lnterna- What it means to be a Kiwanian cifically for outdoor use. Please notify this I: Through Kiwanis membership, Use ground fault circuit inter- newspaper of youl" new address. ?o give primacy to the human individuals can give of the mselves rupters for added safety. I II Bank Repos Off Lease & Unclaimed Vehicle Sale PaymoSlm mllalmed Vehide Fee i|iK Lili i i lilii/iililil ia H Olin NIvo atipuam meimt Wanmnties Available emmoddomanumbemuim nm UnNmnmke  lmemenNntm aaiRim NO WWM| Mrmoammsai aid mymuad FOROODAYSI mmmmmanmmm WO Mii liOVO Nil ilii umiNalwm  Over 100 veMcles mauammrmmmemm mr uade te lieose Iroln " Oneeln imelhne nsmmm. PAYMENTS liS i mwai Smdd omm LOW U $00 etmbam Jil ""= Duetothe ovo00olmlngsuccess, we have extended our sale through Monday December 21 We will be closed Wednesday and Thursday for the vn00n am nora ThanksgM00 Holiday. , e sale will be located on the US riO .r Bypass next to Sonic Unclalined Vehicles Sonic FREE ........................................ .ar , ,e o, , =e =[I 606-780-7200 606-760-7202 """',--.,,.,, bchange iiNulsltlen YOU PAY JUST $40 THEN MAKE PAYMENTSI* =.u.n.u w N h00L" |