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December 12, 2002     Bath County News - Outlook
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December 12, 2002

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z Forum The Bath County News--Outlook, Owlngsvtlle, KY 40360 Week of December 12 - December 19; 2002 + /i! The News-Outlook Member of: .4 National Newspaper Association "7 Kentucky Press Association 4 Kentucky Weekly Newspaper Association "4 International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors Winner of 5t8 major national and state award; for newspaper excellence- Ken E. Metz, Publisher &amp; Managing Editor Margaret C. Metz, Associate Publisher, Advertising Manager Sunny Kramer, Writer/Photographer Lana Lawson, Seles Representative Tonja May, Assistant Rey Ellis, office/Composition Office Manager We need to appoint some tappers! W00h+a+ercome+our !: Lions Club a while back who was so dry that we had to call the fire department and have them stand by, in case the building caught on ! fire. It's not often that I get sleepy ,: during a 30-minute talk, but that's :i . what happened the day this speaker came. As I was sitting there nodding off, a fellow Lion sitting next to me became embar- rassed and punched inc. When he did, I ahnost fell out of my chair and this turned out to be the high- light of the ineeting. The next time we have a busi- k ness meeting I am going to sug- at we appoint some "Tappers" for our club. Now, II ,tell by the blank look on your face that you don't _ [about the tapper system. Let me try, as best I can, to I ri it to you. The tapper system originated in the rural filChes of the Deep South back before the turn of the .,,,', entury. Usually the church would have a "head" | -t f!r and several alternates. v ias his duty to stand at the rear of the church during . Jeaching service and observe the congregation. If he le tartk l -d,yone not paying strict attenton, he was to take the ,' my %tick (which was standard equipment for tappers) alk down the aisle and tap the offending person on ad. Now, you know why he was called the "head" rWo . Won s was before my day, but I heard a story a while back lg c the tapper system that will give you a good idea of ies: b [am talking about. It seems a city boy was going to lme of his country kinfolks in a small community bad rneighbring state[ This city boy was "suitcase" i,tny and he pulled up in front of the house, opened S . . Y _ trunk and staried setting suitcases out on the ht no d W ,c. hen this happened, this family knew they were ,ays t"la long visit. wrorl, ," e he was sta)mg over the weekend, this family /hile aitJe d ._ to take this city boy to church. Well, things were i.xttllflaelr:glefin: Uen.t ab(tutt: holi:d a h21flt:tht: .x , ,'" g, ""Y Yg : PY g" ou pliff. At this point, the "Tapper" in the back of the 'Oh, Yelii saw him. The tapper knew the situation and he , h, to hit a visitor, but he also recognized his duty and He was a millionaire before the marriage --from previous/)age ..... alld call to me ith his head on tile ground and l just play the ball to- wards his voice." Woods asks: "What's your handi- cap'?" Stevie says, "Well. I'm a scratch golfer." Woods, incredulous, says to Stevie: "We've got to play a round sometinle," Wonder replies:" Well, people don't take me seriously, so I only play tbr money, and never play tbr less than $ I 0,(X)0 a bole." Woods thinks about it and says, "OK, I'm game %r that, when would you like to play?" Stevie says, "Pick a night!" responsibility to the church. So he took that long stick, about four foot long and about the size of a hoe handle, and very softly walked down the aisle. When he got to this city boy's pew, he reached over and tapped him on the head. When he did, this city boy's eyes got as big as a saucer and he sat up straight m the pew and turned around to the tapper and said. "Fella, you had better hit me again, I can still hear him." As I said earlier, at our next business meeting I am going to suggest that we appoint some "Tappers" for our club Hopefully, you have enjoyed this light-hearted story, and I hope my fellow Lions will forgive me for taking a little liberty, but we all need a break from time to time. My wife proofreads and edits these columns and she said it was time for me to "lighten" up and like always, she is right. The story I have shared about the "Tappers" is ahnost as good as the one about the old boy whose wife ran off with his best friend. When they told him about it, the first thing he said was, "Boy, am I going to miss him." Like millions of Americans, the events of September 11, 2001, not only outraged me, it did something even deeper to my inner self. The real tragedy is for those who lost loved ones, but for the rest of us it was a wake up call to return to the values of fanlily, faith and patriotisnl, tile things that are most important in our lives. We know now that we are vulnerable to an enemy that is cunning and has no regard for the sanctity of human life. (Jim Davidso is a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. You may contact him at 2 Bentley Drive, Conway. AR 72034.) ellllee Jim Davidson is a syndicated columnist who resides in Conway, Arkansas, and has served as a motivational consuh- ant with the Chicago-based Nightengale-Conant Corpora- tion. He founded Continuing Education Services, Inc., and has since developed a number of personal det,elopment products, including a cassette series, "America... A Brief Glimpse Of All 50 States "and "Staying Up in a Negatit,e World". tle is also the author of two books, titled  and_Y_o_u_ Can Be the Best. now in its third printing. Davidson has spoken to over 1,600 audiences in 15 states. His engagements have covered ahnost eve O' area (society and, he has worked with administrators, teachers, and stu- dents in our nation's public schools. His personal philosophy of life centers around common sense, hard work, and treating other people with dignity and respect, qualities that he feels are so important to the.fiaure of otlr great nation. You (ran contact him al 2 Bentley I)rive. Conwayl A R 72032. o,,.ook 1 by the" News+Outlook Staff ; I is champion coon hunter when catching one weighing ; Nows-Out/ookemployee breaks arm in basketball game LETE I to the editor Dear Editor: Although we live in the Bible Belt, we are sure to see a lot of Politiqal Correctnes as Christmas approaches. From the shopping malls to department stores, to radio, print and TV ads, we will soon hear the phrase "Happy Holidays", "Season's Greetings", "Winter Breaks" and oth- er Politically Correct phrases. As Inost Christians know, Christmas has for years been so conunercialized, that the average person doesn't know it is suppose to be the celebration of tile birth of Christ. And making mat- ters worse, many of today's busi- nesses and shopping malls are re- movi ng the "Christ" fron/Christmas, by greeting their customers with something other than a "Merry Chrisllnas". How would you feel if people were celebrating YOUR birthday, but were aft'aid to mention your name? Well, that's exactly what's happening. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, but are not supposed to use his nanle. Because some atheist, socialist, Muslim, Hin- du, or some other non-Christian might get offended. Never mind the fact that this nation was founded on Christian principles, or that nearly 90% of Americans identify as either Christian or are from a Christian background. And that, according to our very own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others, bet- ter than 200 to 1. I don't know about you, but it offends me when some clerk greets nle with a "Winter Hol- iday", "Winter Break" or any Other generic words. I want to hear a big "Merry Christmas". A few years ago, you nlay have read that some school districts in Georgia instructed their teachers not to refer to "Christnlas Break" as "Christmas Break" anymore. It sounded too Christian and, there- fore, not Politically Correct. It was to be called "Winter Break". Then there was the city council of Little Rock, Arkansas. that voted to change the name of their Chrisnnas parade to the Politically Correct title "Holi- day Parade". And here in Kentucky afew years ago, school bus drivers in Fayette County were warned not to say "Merry Christmas" to any of the children. Presumably, they would say, "Happy Holidays", "Merry Sol- stice", "Hail to Winter" or some- thing of the sort, which would be Politically Correct. Many stores don't intentionally take tile "Christ" out of Christmas, they just jump on the bandwagon. For example, stores like Macy's, J.C. Penney's, Wal-Mart and others, just play down the word "Christmas" and anlplify the word "Holiday". J.C. Penney's Web site mentions "Holi- days at Home", "Holiday Decorat- ing" and "Holiday Accents", but lit- tle can be found about "Christmas". Wal-Mart, which is for the most part, pro-family friendly, has also fallen prey to Political Correcmess. Ac- cording to their Web site, on tile "Holidays Fun Facts" page, which was posted two years ago, include ten references to "holiday" or "holi- day season", and just one mention of "Christmas". Also listed were "Wal- Mart greeters will say 'Happy Holi- days' nearly halfa billion times dur- ing the month of December." And it's not just department stores that are afraid of the word "Christmas". Fast- food chains, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and others, have joined tile Politically Correct crowd to greet their customers with anything other than "Merry Christmas". Now, there is one more thing that "gets my goal" at Christmas time. That's using "X-nlas" instead of "Christnlas". It seems that some peo- ple will go to any length to avoid using the simple word "Chrismms". I noticed the Mt. 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Hemingway duct movie 42 Center of Web site abbr. attraction "turf 45 It may be Bloke proper! Departure site 47 Responsibility Local 48 Medley Progeny 49 Wildcat ty;, :: Physiques 50 Vitality Lipinski leap 51 Galena. ;: Self-.titled sit- 52 Lowest po,.: corn ble score Sense for 54 Lingerie brig music recent article, "X-mas evenls bQfin Sunday at the Park". Why not just use the word "Chrismlas" - - there was plenty of room on the paper'.' The "X" makes me, and plenty oth- ers, think some Politically Correct Social Engineer is deliberately cross- ing out "Christ" from "Christnlas". Yes, I know, "X" is an abbreviation for the Greek word "Xristos", which means "Christ", and in some place:< especially in Europe, it has betm used for years by some wrileis. Bill my reasoning is: if the ord "Christnlas" doesn't offend you. use it. With so many people in our cub ture today having no idea what the true meaning of Christmas is any- way, using the word "X-mas" just adds to their ignorance. This Christnlas, I would like to ask everybody, who is not ashamed of Christ, to be Politically lncorr,:d. say, "Merry Christnms" as much as you can, as often as you can, and to as many as you can. Doing this is sort of like tile early Christians using the fish symbol in a hostile culture, m order m distinguish Ihenlselves. As Mark Twain once said, "Tell the truth, it will amaze your friends and confound your enenlies." "Merry Christmas". David C. Gay Mt. Sterling, KY Dear Editor: Recently I wrote an article for the newspaper in which I stated that per- serial commitments of neutrality in the Republican Primary for Governor had been made to my wilE, Traeey, and me by each menlber of Ken- tucky's congressional delegation dur- ing a visit to Washington, I).C., this spring. With the recent announcement made by Ernie Fletcher that his l,t. Governor running mate would be Hunter Bates, Sen. McConnell's chief of staff and campaign director, many within the Republican Party are ques- tioning Sen. McConnell's commitment of neutrality in the primary. Now I was born at night but not last night. I know perception can some- times be more important than reality, so I will not attempt to suggest what Sen. McConnell has done or will do in the future. I have great respect for Sen. McConnell's senatorial skills and his political skills. I am not running against Sen. McConnell, and I am not running him down. I will soon announce my candida- cy for Governor and my Lt. Governor running mate. I am running for the people of Kentucky--to nlake Ken- tucky a greater Commonwealth, to improve education, to create better jobs and stronger families, and to fight for affordable health insurance and a quality of life every Kentuckian de- serves. But I will not run for Governor to be the puppet of anyone. Steve Nunn will not sell his soul lot power or SOllteofle e]se's power. 1 :m ++ f my record both as a legi!at+; ?,+ : } 'llS and ;.ll s( ) ;s ;l n i tldepell(]Olq i}: - or. I am proud to be a Republitxm d I possess the strength ofcharaclc d ability to do what is best for the lum of Kentucky and not lhe politic:, PJ fl c nloment. My heart anct lily soul t',ehm! !o every Kentuckian. 1 plait Io {it;i ; campaign of compassion, he!"  lwosperity, reaching out t( all,:: - el\\; h;tlld and louch eve, v l++ ++ ,, :: :l isionofgreatnessfil lhcu+! ," : I appreciation of the prcscllt+lH+.!.i!{;; -. ful remembrance of the, past There will be arrogance and inim i- idation coming frtnn other'< V, :'.,c not afraid. There will be nasty air: ! !'el s',m,'tl mid p<4ili,';tL lHt b,' + +y Shepherd, :rod t wd{ ,q : I "alltO Ill}' ili" qi t ilti ! , : :' i csonal or polilical gmli. I dr) not know what "olht'l. , ii do, but 1 do know our canll)ailH ,c. i be honest, hardworking, sincclc iild tbcnsed on tile fiilurt tff Ke+cl.\\; Onr c{lmpaign will !)c ,ne you ,' 7{ 0 proud to support. [ ,:t.k you l!) ',+ We look Ibrward i<" ", i.hhll. wi, , Sleph n R. %,, R-Glasgma, 23rd ihu. , Dear Ken: This Sunday, from 12-5 p.m., he Central Kentucky Blood Conic,, v,dl the support of the Owingsville Ki- wanis Club. wilt be conducting a blood drive it/the F:unily l.ife (7c:> tcr, of the Owings ilt,c t<'h! ( !+m. h tff(]nd. Blood is dcspc!'at i} I,'c<, { during the holiday season u;,l , : want to encourage all who can I :", - bly give, to do so. It is the (:::c+{! i Kentucky BIocKI (Tc!tfer tb, al <\